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Fantasy Futons and Furniture - High Quality,
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Futon Cover Display Rack

Futon Covers

We have every imaginable fabric to make Covers, for Futons, Cushions, Pillows, or, Custom Items.  We have Solids and Microfibers, Prints, Textures, Vinyls, Chenilles, Linen, Wool, Cotton, or 100% Organic Cotton, Hemp, and Cashmier.  We also feature Sunbrella®, Outdura®, and Solarium® Fabrics for Patios and Sunroom Furnishings.

Futon Frames

Lexington and Grey Dillon
In over 40 years, we've learned a thing or two about Futon Frames.  How they're Designed, the Materials used, Ease of Assembly, the Finish, the Look the Feel, how they Hold Up over time, and about the Companies that make them, and how they stand behind them.
We Only Sell The Best! 
Cabinet Murphy Bed

Cabinet Style Murphy Beds

Cabinet Murphy Beds are probably the most amazing thing we've seen in our over 40 years in business.  Imagine, a Queen, or other size Bed, that takes up about 10 Cubic Feet of Space, and opens in Seconds to a Beautiful, Strong, Comfortable, ("No Bar in your Back"), Bed, for your Guests.  You can have a spare bedroom, and still have a Spacious Exercise Room, Office, or Craft Room, with No Construction Needed.

Futon Mattresses

Comfort Rest and Wool Wrapped

How do you decide which mattress to buy?  How often will it be used?  What will it be used on, bed only or sofa futon?  Who will be using it?  What type of feel do you want, soft, medium, firm?  Do you want Organic?  We have all the best futons from many different manufacturers.  Shopping Online is great, but we've found that if you call us at 480-529-7292 and ask to speak to a Futon Mattress expert, they will ask you several questions, and make some recommendations for you, so you can read about them, and make your best choice.

Pink Twill Papasan and Frame

Papasans and Mamasans

Rattan Furniture, Papasans, Mamasans, Swivel Rockers, and Footstools, are back.  More comfortable and more attractive than ever, at prices that will save you money, and provide you with a comfy, casual place for kids, teens, and adults of all ages to just chill out in these challenging times.

Shop our Beautiful Platform Beds Now

Pecos Lite

Platform Beds are Bed Frames made of Beautiful, High Quality Solid Hardwoods, that can be used with a Conventional Mattress, or with a Futon, or Tufted Mattress.  There are Minimalist Styles, as well as Mission, Danish, Southwest, Modern, and more.  These beds can be customized in Dozens of ways to suit your specific needs and desires.