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Teak Info & Care

Teak Information & Cleaning

Teak is available in other area's, like Burma, but Java is known as highest quality plantation grown teak wood in the world which is where the wood in our furniture is grown.
 Our manufacturer uses teak woods that are government sanctioned from controlled plantations that maintain environmentally green standards by harvesting at a rate that is equal to or below the rate of replanting.  Since Teak furniture lasts longer than other types of furniture and doesn't need to be replaced so often, and since teak grows so quickly, it is a very good environmentally sound product.
 Most people leave their Teak patio furniture outdoors all year round, however it will ultimately last longer if you cover it or keep it under a patio in bad weather.  With time the furniture will turn from a golden brown to a Silver Gray which many people desire.  Teak wood contains natural oils and is extremely resistant to rot, which makes it the best choice for outdoor patio furniture.  Our Teak Patio Furniture is built using mainly mortise and tenon construction which is well known to be the best and strongest type of joint or connections in furniture.
We use some brass fittings & brass sleeves for beauty, but mostly stainless steel parts for high strength.  Teak dowel pegs and parts are used in other sections so that the joints can expand and contract as the temperature of the wood charges.  Please inspect your furniture on a regular basis and tighten it up a little if it's loosened up due to use or movement.  Don't use a Pressure Washer or harsh detergents on your furniture.  It can harm the wood and cause it to crack.  Clean it with a soft brush and mild detergent.  Teak cleaners may also be used with good results.  We recommend cleaning your furniture yearly will help to remove the dirt, mildew and stains.  Over time teak wood will show cracks and the grain of the wood will raise and start to show signs of age, however it will still last longer outdoors than any other type of wood and that's why it's so good to use for patio furniture. We're sure that you'll get the best value and best quality by purchasing your Teak Patio Furniture from us and that you'll enjoy it for years to come.