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Seat Deck Pin Information

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Seat Deck Pin Assembly
Price: Information Only
Part Number: FF-seatdeckpinassy

Futon Seat / Back Deck Slider Assembly (Information Only)

Special Terms of this item.  This part was sold by one manufacturer and for $5.00 we will provide all of the contact information for this company.  If you have a part or parts that look like please send them to us so that we can help someone fix their frame, instead of throwing it away.  Please contact us by email with pictures for further information, or send the parts to us at the address listed in our Contact info.  Thank you, The Fantasy Futons Team.
Short Futon Roller Assembly Information - These particular rollers are used on front operating frames where this roller slides back and forth into a channel in the back of the seat deck, which connects to the back deck.  There is a pin which is 1/4" diameter and 2" long.  Then there is a hollow metal shaft that goes over the pin which is about 7/8" long.  The black plastic roller is 5/8" long and about 9/16" diameter.  There is also a washer and a clip, and there are two sets of holes at the bottom of the pin which allow it to be adjusted.

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