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Seat / Back Connector Information

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Seat Back Futon Connector
Price: $5.00
You are purchasing Information Only
Part Number: sb109
Notice:  You are purchasing Contact Informaion Only for this manufacturer.
You may be able to obtain assembly instructions, repair parts, like the Seat & Back Connector shown, and possibly other parts directly from this manufacturer.  You may have to pay for the parts, or if your futon frame is under warranty, and you have proof of purchase you may be able to get items for free, or for the cost of shipping only.
For $5.00 we will send you the Name, Address, and Phone Number of this manufacturer.  There is no Guarantee that they will help you, but if you have proof of purchase and they don't, then you may Contact the BBB, or Attorney General for assistance.

If this looks like the part you need, or if you need another part for a frame that also uses the part shown below, Please read the Following.  We have discontinued our relationship with this company because although we were an authorized dealer of their products, they refused to sell us their specialized repair parts, and we were unable to help our own customers who purchased these frames from us, or those who purchased the frames from other dealers who went out of business, or purchased them used, from individuals.  If you purchased one of these frames from Fantasy Futons, send us an email and we'll give you the information needed to get these parts.  Otherwise for $5.00, we will send you the name and address of this manufacturer and you may contact them directly to try to get the parts.  You will probably need proof of purchase to get the parts for free.

Futon Seat & Back Connectors Right & Left Sides
This is a very specialized part.  There is nothing else that looks like it.  It is attached to the bottom of the Back Deck, and is used to connect the Seat and Back Decks together.  It is the only part that looks like this so we didn't put the dimensions in because if what you need looks like this piece, this is it.  They are different for the Right Side Sitting or Left Side Sitting side, so make sure you order the correct one.  The bolts needed to install this part are not included.  They call some of their parts Shoe Fittings Bronze, and Shoe Fittings Gold, and the parts include, Snappers, Sea Horse, ThumNut, and have various Rollers and Bushings.
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