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 Hardware Terms & Policies

Most stores don't sell futon parts because they want you to buy a new Futon.  We sell Futon hardware to help people out, and we spend a lot of time procuring it, sorting it, and packaging orders.  We do not guarantee that any of the items that are ordered will work for your frame, and the items pictured and colors of parts may vary.  Futon Parts are returnable less shipping and handling.  Please measure the parts you need carefully before ordering.  Orders take about 2 weeks to arrive.  There are faster shipping options available.  If you pay for rush processing or shipping, and there is a problem or delay with the shipping company through no fault of ours, we will not reimburse you for the faster processing charges. We do guarantee that we will ship your parts out, but we do not guarantee that the Post Office, won't lose or damage the parts unless you pay for Insurance.  If your parts are lost or damaged in shipping by the Post Office, we will not re ship them for free.  We don't ship parts by FedEx or UPS, only USPS.  We are very careful when we package hardware orders, and orders are double checked.  If an item is missing from your order, you will have to reorder the parts, and pay for them.  We will not reship them for free.  We weigh each order to the gram, and if someone tells us that a bolt is missing, we know exactly how much that package should have weighed.  If the weights don't match, we will re send the item for free.

We know these rules and policies sound harsh.  Our intentions are not to cheat, or rip anyone off, but to not get cheated or penalized for another companies error. To keep the cost down on hardware orders, we ship most items via the U.S. Post Office.  We are also unable to track orders sent by the Post Office.  We know if an item has arrived, but we can't track it along the way.  Also, if an order hasn't arrived within 2 weeks, we have found that in most cases, the item still arrives, but can take a week or two longer.  If you want to order again, we'll ship a second order, and if the first one arrives, we can issue a refund on that one, as soon as we receive it.  We do not take Phone, or Mail Orders for Hardware.

Shipping Terms and Options

 1.  Standard shipping is Free via USPS 1st Class Parcel Post.  We package and prepare most orders within 2 or 3 business days, and they arrive in about two weeks.  Select this option if you want free shipping.  If you want to be covered if your package is lost or damaged you must add Insurance.

 2.  For $12.00 we will ship via USPS Priority Mail and your order will arrive in about 1 to 7 Business Days.

 3.  If you're in Canada, for $15.00 you can add 1st Class International Mail, and orders arrive in about 7 business days.

 4.  If you're in a different country, you can add International Priority Mail for $38.00

 5.  When you are adding a faster shipping option, add only 1 item to your cart, with the faster shipping option, and then add all remaining items to your cart, using the free shipping options  That way you're only charged once, and your entire order will ship together the fastest way.


1 All terms and policies of our site apply.
2 All Times are normal business days, and don't include weekends, or holidays.
3 All Times are based on our business hours, and we are closed on Sunday and Monday.
4 If a hardware order is very large, these charges may be higher.  We will notify you.
5 All Times are approximate, and we can't be responsible if there are weather, or other causes, beyond our control.
6 Shipping is risky if you are shipping out of the United States.  If our tracking shows that the item or items have arrived in your country, but for some reason you have not received them, we will only issue a refund for the parts ordered, when the parts are returned to us.  The shipping is never refundable.  This may take several months.  You may reorder, and we'll still refund the original order when we get it back.
Thank you,
Fantasy Futons