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The Original FU-CHEST

Arason Original Fu-Chest

We were at a trade show in Las Vegas in 2002, and we spotted this new item from a company called Arason Enterprises.  It was kind of low to the ground, but compared to an air mattress for friends spending the night, it was a really nice looking piece of furniture, and the mattress was super comfortable.  We ordered some, and displayed them in our store, and the rest was history.

Over the years, Arason Enterprises has refined, and improved their Fu-Chest, and eventually named it the Creden-zzZ.  It looked more like an actual bed, and sat up off the ground much higher.

Once other manufactuers saw the great success of the Creden-zzZ, they started copying the design.  Other than different finishes, they looked almost identical to what Arason had been making.  But like a Joureyman Carpenter, as opposed to a Master Carpenter, they had a lot of learning to do.  When you make something for 20 years, you gain knowlege about the best materials to use, the best mattress, the best hinges, and many more things.

In our opinion at Fantasy Futons, this was, and continues to be the best built, longest lasting, easiest to assemble, easiest to operate, most comfortable type of Cabinet style Murphy Bed made.  It certainly has the longest track record, by far.  We've sold them since they've been making them, and it all started out like this.

To fill a need for an extra bed that wouldn’t take up a lot of space in her small home office, Jane Arason came up with the idea of the Fu-Chest. Jon, her husband, made the first prototype in his basement shop in 2002. That was the beginning of Arason Enterprises, Inc.

The original Fu-Chest is no longer available as the cabinet bed concept has evolved into an even better product. The new Creden-ZzZ line is offered in six finishes and features many new improvements. These include a storage drawer, a raised sleeping platform, an elegant deployment mechanism that makes the cabinet bed easy to open and close. Arason as the original innovator and patent holder has perfected the cabinet bed design over the last 13 years.

This unique piece of furniture looks like a chest but opens to a full-length bed. Our first advertisement below shows the original concept in 2002 which has now evolved into our sophisticated Creden-ZzZ line with newer, improved features and ease of operation.

The Fu-Chest US Patent No. 6,851,139

All of the Cabinet Beds by Arason Enterprises, are named Creden-zzZ.  You can click the following link to see all of the Credenz-zzZ's

Arason Enterprises Creden-zzZ's


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