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We at Otis support the concept and importance of a home environment that is restful, nurturing, and an aesthetic refuge from the pressures in our modern daily lives. The Allerest mattresses and futon allergy free line is made with raw materials that are certified to be organically produced and do not emit (or offgass) chemicals that are adversely affect sensitive individuals.

According to Mr. Angelo Cammilleri, certified in Bau-Biology and Electro-Ecology, everyone on earth is suffering to
some degree from environmental illness. No one is immune.

Those suffering the most are classified as having MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or some similar illness or syndrome. There is no cure. Because of the abundance of chemicals in the air and environment, as well as radiation and electromagnetic waves, incidents of environmental illnesses will increasingly afflict our children and grandchildren. The real danger lies in an almost imperceptibly slow deterioration of whole societies. If we feel as healthy as people around us, it is unlikely we will seek medical care or that medical professionals will diagnose us as being sick (abnormal). It is only when individuals or groups exhibit symptoms discernibly different from the general population that a problem is noticed and action taken.

According to Ms. Robin McQuiston, Manager of Information and Referral at the Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, there are approximately 50,000,000 people in the United States who have asthma or allergies. SelfCare, based in Tennessee, states that up to 10% of a 6 year old pillow's weight consists of old skin, mold, and dust mites and their dung and that 2 million of those critters can thrive in a mattress. They go on to say that a specific allergy in dust mite droppings is a "proven cause of morning headaches, runny nose, itchy skin and puffy eyes among sufferers of asthma, rhinitis, related respiratory problems, and eczema". For those who are affected, the problems are real and serious. Based on that information, more frequent replacement of bedding should ameliorate some of the symptoms these sufferers experience.

Child Book Dr. Doris Rapp, a nationally respected Allergist, has listed Otis Bed Manufacturing as a recommended provider of bedding that is helpful to chemically sensitive patients. We appear in Dr. Rapp's book called "Is This Your Child", Wm. Morrow & Co.(NY), Publisher. It is important to note that a written letter (prescription) from your doctor is required before your order of any untreated natural product is processed. Due to its intensive labor-intensive process, your order may take 6-8 weeks.


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Comfort Rest Organic Futon Mattress
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Comfort Rest Organic Futon Mattress
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