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Tour Coils

Let's build this mattress together in order to give you a better sense of exactly what's going on inside. At the very core of this product we started with James Marshall Pocket Coil Spring. His was the very first pocket coil introduced to the world and protected by a patent. The Marshall Premium Pocket Coil develops an incredible plush feel yet is very supportive. In order to build a queen size mattress, for example, we first must attach by hand hundreds of these pocket coils connecting each one. The organic cotton batting is then applied directly on top of the pocket coils. Next, offered as an option is generous layers of natural wool on both sides. We then encase the entire mattress with a 100% natural cotton cover. The cotton cover (prior to attaching) is soaked for twenty four (24) hours and then washed three times (3) times. Finally, we machine tuft the mattress to pressurize the entire system. This important step, "e;technically speaking"e;, features an amount of cushioning agent that is compressed, controlled, and restrained within a container of specific type, which serves to increase the power to withstand load.
The Contour Mattress with its individual coils gives you a much more restful and deeper sleep because it addresses pressure points that otherwise cause you to toss and turn. Nor will you notice your partner getting in and out of bed again due to the individually assembled coils wrapped in their own fabric casings.

  • All sizes are available from crib to waterbed replacement.
  • Shipping time approximately 6 - 8 weeks from date of order.
  • A written letter from your doctor is required before shipping any untreated natural product.

Support Rating:

Excellent for body contouring - offered in two (2) support categories, semi-firm (plush) or firm (slightly giving).

Mattress Support Unit

The Contour Mattress by itself can perform without the need of a boxspring / foundation with its inherent design. However, if you require a complete set we offer a specially designed Free Air Flow Foundation.


The complete Contour Care System is fully warranted for ten (10) years, exclusive of shipping costs. Material and labor would be no charge. Repair or replacement determined at our factory.

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