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Fantasy Futons and Furniture ( Since 1982

This is a short description of the beginnings and history of Fantasy Futons and Furniture

Young Allen on the rightOlder Allen

Fantasy Futons & is still a family owned and operated business located in Arizona.  I started Fantasy Futons to be able to spend more time with my kids and family, and to try to buy a home, and obtain the American Dream.  My goal was to have very knowlegable, and honest sales people, with no gimmicks, along with the best prices, and best selection of futon furniture in Phoenix Arizona.  My wife and I traveled around the country in our Motor Home, to various trade shows, and we found the best quality Futon Mattresses, Frames, Platform Beds, Covers, and related Furniture that were available.  Over the next 2 decades we grew and grew.  The Internet came along, and I started one of the first Futon Websites in the world.  That changed the way of doing business for the world, forever.  There are always ups and downs in business, and our business has withstood all of the storms.  We've bought several homes, had 4 children, and acheived the "American Dream".  I'm not sure, the way things are today, how many other young people will be able to do what we were able to do. 

For us, business right now is better than it's ever been, thanks to God, My Family, and the Thousands of Loyal Customers who've put their trust in is throughout the years, and have been happy with our products, prices, integrity, and humor, and have kept coming back, and kept referring other customers to us.  I'm trying to educate some of my 4 kids about futons, and how to run our business so that it will continue to operate, when I'm not around.  It's hard to beleive that over 40 years has gone by, in what seems like an instant.

Thank you all,
Allen Hyduck     

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