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Yoga and Pilates Exercise Mats
Yoga and Pilates Exercise Mats
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Authentic Handmade Thick 100% Cotton Yoga / Pilates Mats From India

These are the Finest Hand Woven Rugs money can make or buy.  The come in 7 Beautiful Colors, and Include a Super Gripper, made with Natural Rubber which keeps them from moving on bare floors.  They are hand-woven on manual looms in the ancient region of India that was the birthplace of yoga. 
Our Rugs are 24" X 72", which is slightly longer than a standard yoga mat.  They are reversible, and cold water washable.  They are guaranteed for 15 years, but you can expect them to last a lifetime.  They are comfortable and are not sticky like plastic or foam mats made of petrochemicals.  Our mats are thick and and are ideal for yoga, palates, or any kind of exercise.
Our Yoga Mats are the worlds most Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats made.  We believe that the practice of yoga and eco-sustainability go hand in hand.  That's why each mat is handmade on manual looms, without the use of electricity, by master craftsmen in northern India.  The cotton is locally sourced, high grade, they are colored with non toxic dyes, and are machine washable.

Our Yoga mats are made in a small village in northern India, and part of the proceeds from the sale of each mat is used to support the education of the children of our production workers.  Buying and using our mats will add to your feeling of health, and well being, and give you good Karma!


As Spring brings life to flowers and plants and promotes growth, freshness and fertility, so does our Spring mat.  It is made in 3 shades of Green.  Green is the most restful color to the human eye, and the most visible color in the color spectrum.  Green has a great healing power.  It is also the color of the Heart Chakra.  The heart chakra enhances the feeling of love, and compassion, and allows a person to be more relaxed and rejuvenated

Enhance your yoga practice by including the color of mystery and meditation in your yoga environment. Ether mat is comprised of 3 shades of purple. Purple is associated with nobility and spirituality. A shade of purple is also associated with the Crown Chakra and is considered a good color for meditation. Add a touch of royalty with our Ether mat and make your yoga practice more uplifting and creative.

Our Saffron yoga mat is based on the exact hue of the robes worn by Buddhist monks in India. This mat has 3 different shades of Saffron – the color widely accepted as the most auspicious and sacred color. Saffron represents courage and sacrifice. Buddhist monks, sages wear saffron colored robes to represent their renunciation of material goods and their quest to attain Moksha. The color radiates positive energy and releases feelings of depression and self-doubts. Add a touch of hope and resolve to your yoga practice by using the Saffron Yoga mat.

This classic element of Air represents the power of pure substance. Aspire, inspire and spirit. Grade A, undyed cotton in its most natural and pure form.

Stress relief, inner peace, and better breathing are some of the benefits of a Yoga routine. Our Water mat is comprised of 3 colors of blue. It symbolizes tranquility and serenity. Being the color of water, blue is universally accepted as a positive color with a calming effect. Our Water mat highlights the energy of this tranquil color. Blue contains a silent cool vibration that is helpful in relaxing your mind to experience solitude, peace and a feeling of spiritual sensitivity. Feel the energy flow on our Water yoga mat and channel your strength outward to a more peaceful, serene perspective.

Everybody has goals for their Yoga practice – more energy, sense of calmness or a feeling of stability and focus. If your expectation from your yoga routine is to feel healthy, stable and grounded, our Earth mat will support your practice. Our Earth yoga mat is dyed in 3 earth-tone colors. Brown is a neutral and warm color. The colors are connected to stability and reliability.  Representing the color of earth, these brown colors symbolize everything natural and organic. Similarly, our mat is designed to stabilize your mind and body and increase the feeling of wholesomeness during your yoga practice.

If your yoga practice is energetic and you prefer power poses, our Fire mat is a great choice. Our Fire mat is made of 3 vibrant orange/red colors. Orange is energetic and a powerful and stimulating color.  Orange represents the power and warmth of the sun and exudes vitality. It can provide extra energy and add an ability to focus. Our Fire mat brings all these qualities to your yoga practice. It can stimulate your creativity and enthusiasm and help tap into your personal power.

A Special Natural Non Slip Gripper is included with every rug!

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