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Button Covers (8)

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Button Covers
Price: $10.00
Part Number: FF-buttons


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Futon Hardware

Decorative Buttons or Plugs- (8 to a Set) Please Note: (These are only for futon frames) These are the little plugs that cover the holes where the bolts go.  There are tons of colors, and the size of the part that goes into the hole is about 1/2".  You could try 10 of these on some will be slightly too small and you might need to put a little tape around them, or use some glue.  Others will be slightly too large and you might need to sand them down a little.  The best way to do this is to send us one of your pieces, and we will try to match the color and the size as good as we can and then send them to you.  You don't need these pieces at all to make your futon work, so they are really just aesthetic pieces.  If they don't work you can do as we suggest above to make them work.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS ON THESE.  WE ARE CHARGING FOR THE TIME TO SORT THROUGH HUNDREDS OF THEM TO FIND A MATCH FOR YOU BUT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT THEY WILL FIT.  IF THEY DON'T YOU CAN MAKE THEM WORK AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.


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