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Futon Covers

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Outdoor Futon Covers

Over the years, we've been asked about waterproof futon covers over and over again. We thought we'd pass this information along to anyone who is looking to purchase a waterproof futon cover.


If you are planning on using a futon in an outside area, or on a covered patio or an outdoor area where it's likely to come in direct contact with sunlight, rain, moisture, or mist, a water resistant covering would be a great idea. Here are several items that others have purchased, that might work for you.


Sometimes one item, or a combination of items might be needed depending on how much exposure your futon will get, how and when you're going to use your futon, how comfortable you want it to be, and how much money you want to invest to protect it.

In reality no futon cover is actually 100% Waterproof. If your futon is completely exposed, and in a driving rain, water can seep in through the zippers or the seams. The Sunbrella Covers, or the Sun & Shade Covers are water resistant, and will repel water. They are also sun fade resistant, but if water stands on them, it will still eventually seep through the fabric.


There are also protective mattress covers like our Protect-Its that can be used. These are intended to protect the mattress from getting damaged by spills or accidents with children or pets. Water can still get in the seams and zippers of these types of covers, and they are only made in a white color.


Lastly, there are Vinyl Covers. They are waterproof, and can be easily wiped off, but they can be hot to sit on, and in a driving rain, water can still seep through the seams, and the zipper.


We have some customers that buy a BedGuard or a Plush Guard cover, and put that on the Futon Mattress, and then, in addition, they put on a regular futon cover, or a Sunbrella Futon Cover, again, depending on the amount of moisture exposure that they will be subject to, and the look or comfort that you desire.


Others will buy a small, inexpensive tarp, and put that over your futon frame and mattress, and put it under the legs of the frame or used bungees to hold it on, and that will keep a lot of water off of the futon pretty well. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to call us at 480-529-7292.  I hope you've found this informative and helpful.

Thank you