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Super Futon Grippers

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Super Grip Strips
Super Grip Strips
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Exclusive - Super Futon Gripper Material  by Fantasy Futons
Two ways to use!

This product keeps even the most stubborn futon mattress in place better than any other product we've every used, in over 30 years of business.  If Your Futon Mattress Doesn't stay on the frame properly, you need to order a roll of our new improved Super Grip Strip material.  You'll receive a 10' roll of 2" wide material.  This will typically work, or you can order two, if you have a really stubborn futon mattress.

The first way you can use them is to cut the roll in half, and install the 2 long lengths horizontally.  One on the seat, and one on the back as shown below.

The second way is to use a pair of scissors to cut the roll into about 4" strips.  Cut at 4", you'll get 3 per foot of material, or 30 strips.  There are usually 12 or 13 slats on the seat, and the same on the back.  You can install them as shown in the Vertical Installation, and you can double them on the seat and the back for a very stubborn futon mattress.  

Placement of Super Grip Strips
Horizontal Installation 
Super Grip Strips
Vertical Installation

THESE REALLY DO WORK!!!  Since many futons are so plush and plump these days it is difficult to keep your futon mattress from creeping off the front of the frame.

Our Super GRIP STRIP material is just what the doctor ordered to effectively help keep your Thick Foam or Innerspring futon mattress in place.

This material has an adhesive backing on the strip which adheres to the slats of the frame. The other side is made of a polyurethane foam. When the mattress is tucked, or folded in the middle to fit into the futon frame, the foam strips create a resistance between the seat and the back, which helps to keep the futon mattress in place.  Note: If you have a velvet, or slippery futon cover, these will not work.  Call us for advice on how to deal with your futon in this case.

Our Grip Strip Material, which you cut into strips, is better than the typical Grip Rolls or Non Slip Mats for several reasons.
1 They don't look ugly from the back side of the frame.
2 They don't collect dust and dirt in between the slats on the back of the frame.
3 They are less expensive, and more effective.

                                                    Super Grip Strip Instructions

     Removing the backing from the material
To peel the backing off the strips, think opposite!  Instead of trying to peel the paper backing off of each foam strip, roll gently on the foam part of each strip in a corner.  The adhesive will kind of stick to your finger, and then you will be able to peel to foam part of the strip, from the thin paper backing.

    Where to place your Futon Grippers  (See picture above)

On the seat deck, place one strip on each slat starting at about 3" to 6" down from the front of the seat.
On the back deck, place one strip on each slat starting about 3" to 6" down, from the top of the Back.

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