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      Sunbrella Futon Covers

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We carry the full line of Sunbrella Fabrics, and can custom make almost any size or shape of cushion, or covers for your existing cushions.  Sunbrella makes many types of fabrics and some are not suitable for futon cover use because they may be too stiff and not comfortable for sitting.  We can however get any of their fabrics for you, by the yard.  We are in the process of adding all of the Sunbrella fabrics to our site, but in the mean time, you may Click Here to go directly to the Sunbrella website to browse for fabrics.  To order or request samples, Click Here

Sumptuous Hand - Sunbrella fabrics are soft and inviting as they are durable.
Worry Free - Sunbrella resists stains and fading, so you can stop worrying about your fabric and enjoy life.
Dramatic Effects - Sunbrella is available in hundreds of solids, stripes, and textures as well as exquisite decorative jacquards.
Greenguard Certified

Sunbrella Furniture fabrics are certified by the Greenguard Institute's Children and Schools standard as contributing to healthy indoor air by being a very low emitting interior product.

Skin Cancer

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella as an aid in the prevention of sun induced damage to the skin.  Please use shading products featuring Sunbrella as part of your complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen.  Does not apply to Sunbrella fabrics designed for transparency like Sunbrella Shadow Fabrics.

Sunbrella Care and Cleaning

Sunbrella fabrics are durable and easy to clean - Sunbrella superior pigments are added during the production of fade-resistant Sunbrella fiber.  The final result is Sunbrella yarn and fabric with color throughout that won't fade or wash away.  Think "Carrot."  In ordinary fabrics, dyes are added to the surface of the yarn or fabric.  The color only penetrates the outer layer and washes out or fades away over time.  Think "Radish."

One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella fabrics looking good and to delay needing to clean is to maintain the cover by simply brushing off dirt before it gets embedded in the fabric and to wipe up spills as soon as they occur and do spot cleaning in areas if they become soiled.  For the complete Sunbrella Stain Removal list you may download this PDF file.  Sunbrella Cleaning or Sunbrella Stain Removal Chart

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