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Stratosphere Futon Mattress

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Stratosphere Futon Mattress
Price: From $469.00 to $995.00

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The Stratosphere Futon Mattress by Otis Bed

We at Fantasy Futons have carried the entire line of Futon Mattresses by Otis Bed since we started our business.
Many other manufacturers have tried to copy Otis's quality, and style, and even their names, and we've tried most of them with great disappointment.  We have not found another manufacturer who offers a better variety of comfort levels, and as high of quality of futon mattresses, than Otis Bed Brand futons.

The unique feature of the Stratosphere Futon mattress is that it only measures 6" thick, but is made with more layers, of higher quality foam and polyester, than most other manufacturers 8", 9", or even 10" Futon Mattresses.  We have found it ideal for those with lower profile futon frames, or for those that want to sit a little lower in their frames, without sacrificing any quality or longevity at all.  It's also a great mattress for those that will operate their frames every day, and every night, because it's easier to bend and fold, compared to other models of Otis mattresses, or any other high of quality futon mattress.
We still recommend all of the other models of Otis Futons in other situations.  All of the Otis Futons will bend, and with the use of our Super Grip Strips, or Super Grip Rolls, they will stay in place nicely.
Any Futon Frame will operate easier with a thin, inferior quality futon mattress.  However, if you want a more comfortable sitting, or sleeping surface that will last longer, you'll need to work with the mattress more to break it in, and you'll definitely have to use our Super Grip Strips, or Super Grip Rolls to keep the mattress in place.
For Families with pets, small children, or allergies, we also recommend a Plush Guard, or a BedGuard, which are waterproof and bug proof mattress protectors. 
The Stratosphere from Otis is a great compromise.  It's quality, comfort, and durability is incredible, and the bend ability is easier than other models.  It is made about 12" of High Density convoluted and sheet foam along with thermally bonded polyester to ensure long lasting comfort & support.

It has the look and feel of an expensive futon, with the advantage of being easier to bend and fold, and to stay bent.

The Stratosphere. Quality and Comfort from Otis - The first name in Futon Frame Cushioning Systems.

Otis has combined advanced technology with old world craftsmanship to produce a cushioning system that is extremely comfortable, durable, and affordable.

  • Comfort Level - Supportive and Soft.
  • Durability - 10 years
  • Thickness - A TRUE 6" (with more compressed ingredients than most other 8" to 10" Futon Mattresses)
  • Light Weight - Full sizes weighs only 45 pounds so it's easy to lift and move.
  • Popularity - Our #3 Best Seller
  • Style and Use - Sofa or Bed
  • Frame Recommendation - Tri-folds, Bi-folds, and Platform Beds.
  • Special Note - When used on a tri-fold or A-Frame, this mattress will not just droop over the back of the frame like a low quality futon mattress.  Super Grip Strips or Super Grip Rolls will need to be attached to the frame, and you will need a mattress strap to hold the part of the futon mattress that folds over the back of the frame in place.  Once it is broken in, by sitting and sleeping on it, it will become easier to manipulate.  In the long run, it will last longer, and be more comfortable than any other futon mattress you could buy for these types of frames.
  • Super Grip Strips, or Super Grip Rolls are always highly recommended
  • Designer Cover - 6" Depth recommended
  • Cost  - Lower Price, yet high quality

The Stratosphere Futon Frame Cushioning System.

1 - 7 1/2 oz. Polyester twill fabric provides proper strength to hold the tuft in the mattress.

2 -7" of fantastic minimum 2.0 pound density foam provides the ability to keep the mattress looking and feeling great.

3 - Machine tuft reduces the thickness of the mattress to lock in its look and feel.

4 - A dense covering of polyester gives the mattress a clean finished look.

5 - The tape edge process insures a proper fit and finish of the mattress cover.

StratosphereBench Built - hand made quality assures uniformity and quality control on each futon.
Box Edges - for a Clean Mattress or Sofa Look.

- Finished Size is 6", but it's made with generous amounts (approx. 12") of different combinations of highly resilient foam and fiber that create an "inside out" force against the mattress ticking that is necessary for proper and comfortable support, whether sitting or sleeping.

Tape Edge Closure - expert mattress tailoring operation that seals the comfort inside the mattress, insures proper placement of materials in the cover and reinforces the edges to present a clean tailored look instead of a "haphazardly stuffed look.

StratosphereCompression Lace Tufting - This customized process alone will differentiate an Otis futon from any other! CLT serves to compress, strengthen and control the overstuffed cushioning materials. Our "button-less" tufting process forces the foam, fibers, springs an mattress fabric to work together to create a supportive synergy that produces a comfort level unique to each mattress… bottom line, your mattress will feel as supportive as it did on the first day.

Thicker isn't always Better - Thickness is a relative term in the mattress industry! Normally, when someone says this mattress is 6" is made with 6" of materials, or if they say it's 8" it's made with 8" of materials.  The problem is that they then flatten down unevenly, with lumps and bumps, to about half of their initial thickness.  Otis mattresses are made with MORE ingredients than the finished size of their futons.  When they say 6", it's really 12", and when they say 8", it's more like 14" or more.  This is their signature manufacturing process. The bonus is that the advertised "Finished Thickness" of their Futons, stay that thickness for much longer than any other mattress we've ever seen.  In other words, it's as if Otis mattresses are Pre-Broken-In.

Otis Bed's Mission - To provide a comfortable, superior, long lasting, sleeping and sitting surface, with many comfort levels, from Extra Soft, to Extra Firm, and everywhere in between.  Otis Bed has proven itself to Fantasy Futons, since most Otis Bed Futon customers continue to purchase Otis Bed Futons, for a lifetime.  And, they refer their friends and family to us, and to Otis Bed Mattresses for a lifetime.

Comfortable - to be as comfy, if not more so than traditional upholstered sofas when being used as a couch. Also, to be flexible and conformable so as not to cause painful, unhealthy pressure points *(which affect circulation to joints and surrounding tissue) for the occasional or every night sleeper.  As a supplier of pressure management therapy mattresses to the health care industry, Otis Bed is uniquely qualified to present mattress constructions with these claims.

Durable - While nothing lasts forever, this futon mattress is engineered to keep its shape and resist change in firmness on the edge and other critical sitting and sleeping areas better than any cotton based futon mattress construction. More resilient top quality cushioning materials.
Futon Covers - Standard covers will fit the Stratosphere Futon Mattress.
Shipping & Delivery Times - Orders normally leave the factory within 3 to 5 business days, and take another 3 to 5 business days in transit, depending where you are located.  There can be delays caused by weather, carrier issues, logistics, or availability.  Please order accordingly, and always allow a little extra time for your order to arrive should any issue arise.
Rush Orders - Please contact customer service for rush shipping and handling options.  We can normally have an item rushed to leave the factory in 24 to 48 business hours for an additional $30.  Rush FedEx Shipping rates can vary depending on your location and when you need the mattress to arrive.  3 Day Express Saver shipping can range from $100 to $200 depending on your location.  2nd Day, or Overnight shipping rates are huge, so call if you dare.

If you have any questions about which mattress will work best for you, please call us at 480-529-7292.

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