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Sleeper Cab Mattresses

If you Sleep Better you'll Feel Better, and you'll Perform Better!

If you're looking for a quality mattress for your Sleeper Cab at a great price, look no further.  Our new line of Sleeper Cab mattresses are specifically made for Truck Drivers.

Invest in the Best Sleeper Cab Mattress Made for Truck Drivers!  And you'll feel much better on the Flip Flop!

Features and Benefits
Reduces Back Pain
Minimizes Vibrations (Team Drivers)
Improves Overall Performance
Designed Specifically for Truck Drivers
Wake up Refreshed and More Energized!
All Mattresses are customer made with Memro-Pedic Memory Foam.  This material minimizes vibrations and relieves pressure.  It reacts immediately to your body temperature and weight to deliver amazing comfort.
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The Deluxe Sleeper
The Deluxe Sleeper
Retail: $927.00
Price: $0.00
The Deluxe Sleeper
The Standard Replacement
The Standard Replacement
Retail: $389.00
Price: $312.00
The Standard Replacement
The Long Haul
The Long Haul
Retail: $699.00
Price: $530.00
The Long Haul
The Motionless Ride
The Motionless Ride
Retail: $799.00
Price: $686.00
The Motionless Ride

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