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Round Roller Assembly

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Futon Roller Assembly
Price: $29.95
Part Number: FF-largeroundrollerassy


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Round Roller Assembly - Sold Each

The color of this Roller varies. It can be white, yellowish, or black. This item includes 1 Roller, 1 Pin, 1 Washer, and 1 Clip.   You need to select the size of the roller.  The Clevis Pin is 2 5/16" useable length.  (Two Rollers are shown so you can see the roller from a different view)

Round Futon Roller Assembly (Each) - Also known as Plastic Futon Glides; Futon Rollers or Futon Glides. These attach to the sides of the Back part of the frame normally with a Bolt, washer and nut, or with a Clevis Pin, with a washer and a clip, which slips through the center of the roller.  The end of the Roller is recessed to fit the head of the Bolt.  When assembling the frame, the Rollers slide into a groove in the arms and allow it to convert from a sofa to a bed and back.

Approximate Dimensions

Type 1 Smaller Roller - < 7/8" Tall - Center Hole - < 5/16, Recessed Hole < 29/64, Depth of Recessed Hole - 5/32, (Large Diameter < 1 1/2" - Large Diameter Ring Thickness < 11/32") - (Small Diameter < 15/16" - Small Diameter Depth < 17/32") 

Type 2 Larger Roller - Approximately 1 1/8" Tall - (Large Diameter 1 1/2" - Thickness 1/2") -  (Small Diameter 1" - Thickness 5/8")


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