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How to buy a cheap futon mattress

Cheap Futon MattressSo you're in the market for a discount futon mattress. First, figure out how the futon is going to be used. Futons have different uses for many different audiences. Determine its purpose in your household before handing over your credit card number for a cheap futon mattress.

Secondly, think about the filling inside the mattress. All-cotton types are popular but allow liquids to seep through easily. Cotton also compresses significantly after some time when constant pressure is applied. The most durable is a mixture of cotton and foam. You may want to consider an innerspring futon mattress.

Most cotton and foam mattresses for futon sofas can withstand a good deal of weight for those looking for a firm cheap futon mattress.

Measuring for a queen futon cover

Queen Futon CoverBefore you buy a cover, make sure you measure your mattress. A queen size typically measures 60 by 80 inches with a thickness between four and 10 inches. A full size measures 54 by 75 inches on average with a thickness also between four and 10 inches. But depending on the make of your futon and the amount of time you've had it, the dimensions may not match the classic measurements of a full or queen. Futon cover sizes come in twin, full, and queen in addition to sizes for chairs, love seats and ottomans.

Full, queen and twin futon mattresses

When it comes to shopping for a futon, size matters. When considering size, you mainly want to think about the size of the mattress. Do you want a California King, king, queen, full or twin futon mattress? That depends on the space you have to accommodate the futon, who is going to be using it and how it's going to be used. Evidently, a child would sleep fine on a twin futon mattress but a full or queen would be better suited for a guest room or living room.

In addition to mattress size, give some thought to the space you have to accommodate the futon. If the room is pretty spacious, opt for a queen futon. Cover sizes can accommodate sizes as small as twin and as large as king, so don't let that deter you from choosing a larger futon to fill a room.

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