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Organic Cotton Covers

100% Organic Cotton Futon Covers

Organic Cotton Cover

Relax and sleep in healthy comfort with one of our pure organic cotton futon covers.  These are our 100% Organic Cotton Futon Covers.  They come in a beautiful selection of Solid Duck fabric, Solid Twill fabric, Solid and Printed Sateen fabric, and a more expensive, but worth it, 68" Linen Flax / 32% Cotton Fabric.  They are all manufacturered with sustainable processes for dying and finishing.  Every step of this process is done according to stringent green standards.  From the quality of the seeds, to the weed and pest control, to the whitening of the cotton, to the type of water soluable dyes used. If you have any questions, just E-mail us at, or text or call us at 480-529-7292.  Natural, or Off White colors are one of the hardest colors to photograph.  From computer to computer they can look kind of yellowish, grayish, or tan, but they are all nice shades of an off white or light crème colored material.  These covers come in all sizes, and thicknesses, and we can also custom make them in just about any size you need.  You can also order them with Piping, or Welting, which is a bead of fabric that goes around the top seam of the cover.  We also sell the fabric by the yard, and can also make any type of pillow covers, and many other items.  Just E-mail us at, or give us a call if you have any questions or special projects in mind.  Click here to find a few other Natural Covers made with Silk, or Hemp.

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