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Errors in Order Processing or Credit Card Failures

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but credit card fraud is at an all time high, and for your protection, and ours, we have implemented sophisticated fraud screening systems, to reduce our losses, and to protect consumers.

You have been directed to this page because of one of the following reasons.

1. You tried to place an order with us and the transaction failed, or was declined.

2. You tried several times to place an order and the order just won't go through.

3. You tried to place an order with us, which didn't go through, but you see that your Credit Card was charged.

4. You tried to place your order several times, which failed, but you see that  there are 2 or 3 charges to your Credit Card.

Here are the possible reasons why this happened, and the way to resolve the problem with your Credit Card Provider.

1. Your billing and or shipping addresses given in your order does not match the information your card company has on file.

2. Your zip code does not match.

3. Your 3 digit code on the back of the card does not match.

4. The telephone number you've listed is not on file or does not match your profile.

5. The E-mail address given does not match your profile.

6. The IP address on the computer used does not match your profile.

7. One of several other Fraud Screening items did not match your profile.

Here are some solutions to the problems above, depending on your situation.

1. If you tried to place an order, or several orders, and all of the orders were declined, and you were not charged by your credit card provider, then you might be over your credit limit, or for security reasons, they might think that something suspicious is happing and might have declined the charge, or charges.  You should contact them, and find out what the reason was, and then if approved, try your order again, or use a different card.

2. If you placed an order or several orders with us, and no orders went through, yet when you contact your credit card provider, they tell you that a charge, or charges did go through, then you need to verify that they have the correct address, zip code, and 3 digit code, (4 on AMEX), on file for you, and if different than what you provided us, you'll need to place the order again, using the correct address, and then have them cancel the other charge or charges on the order or orders that didn't get finalized on our system. The charges will normally drop off within 7 days.  If you can't wait for 7 days, then keep reading.

3. If you attempted several orders that didn't go through, and then finally one of the orders was completed, yet you see that there are several charges to your credit card, then you need to contact them, and have them remove any duplicate charges except the one that was completed, which you received an order number for.  Usually the good order will be the last one placed, so they can look at the time the orders were placed, and remove all but the last one placed.  Please note, they can remove all but one of the duplicate orders, not all of them.

4. You attempted one or several orders, and none of them went through, and you were not charged by your credit card provider, and when you check with your credit card provider they tell you that all of your information is correct.  This can happen if you are using a credit card from outside of the U.S.  We don't take any credit cards that are from a different company, or are not in American funds.

Here are some of the reasons why things like this happens. 

Your credit card company gave an approval for the transaction (s), but our fraud system did not accept the funds transfer, and no money has been taken from your account, or will be transferred to our account.  Your credit card company will approve a purchase with any billing address given, but ours will not.  Visa, MC, AMEX, or Discover will not let us verify your address or other information until they approve the transaction, and if they approve it, and our system declines it, they will hold your funds for about 7 days.  If they didn't do it this way, these types of problems wouldn't happen.

Remember, the bank can remove all but one transaction.  If you have them do that, ask them for the transaction number, or approval code of the order they did not cancel, and we can process your order after confirming your information with them.

You should always ask to speak to a supervisor at your credit card company.  The normal reps rarely know how, or are not allowed to help with removing duplicate transactions.

If your credit card provider needs to talk to us to remove the charges, they must contact our store at 1-480-529-7292, and ask for the fraud department, Monday through Friday during our business hours.  We can not contact them due to the time involved navigating their computerized telephone systems, to actually be able to talk to a human being.

 We have had a few customers get angry with us, and demand that we issue a credit for charges that your bank or credit card company is holding, but we can not issue a refund on an order that we have not processed, or money that we refused to take.

The truth is, (you can confirm this with your credit card provider), if someone steals your credit card, or your credit card numbers, they can place orders online, and can have the goods shipped to any address they want, including abandon houses, or storage facilities, and your credit card company or bank will approve the transaction.

The thieves don't need to know your correct billing address, or the 3 or 4 digit code on your card at all for the purchase to be approved.

When you realize that you did not make certain purchases, and call to dispute the charges, they will just take the money back from whatever business the charges were made at.  So, they won't lose money, and you won't lose money, only the merchant will lose their money, and their merchandise.  The banks or credit card companies will not lose 1 cent.  If they did, I guarantee, they would have different procedures in place, and you wouldn't be having to read this big long drawn out explanation right now.

 If you have any other questions please email us at

 Thank you,

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