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Insert for Oblong Roller

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Insert for Slider
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Part Number: FF-insert


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Plastic Inserts

This part inserts into the wooden hole in the back deck of the futon frame.  It's used with an Oblong Roller.  The Pin from the Oblong Roller inserts into the hole in the Insert

This is a very simple part, but it took us several months of trial and error, to design it.  What was difficult is that we had dozens of these parts, and the Oblong Rollers, which we had collected over the years that this manufacturer was in business.  All of those parts were not exactly the same.  Some inserts had smaller center holes, some had larger holes, some were a larger diameter, and didn't fit the hole, and some were smaller and fit the hole loose.  Some Rollers didn't fit some inserts, and so forth.

So, rather than having 20 different sizes, we used the smallest diameter of the insert, so that it would fit any hole in the frame. Some will fit perfect, some will need to be gently tapped into place, and some will fit a little loose.  If it's loose, just wrap a little tape around the insert, to make it fit kind of snugly into the hole in your wooden frame.  It doesn't have to fit tight.

As far as the center hole.  We made the center hole the size that was the largest of all the samples that we had collected through the years.  It fits the pin on any roller that we tried.  Some are a little snug, which is fine, and some are a little loose, which is ok too.  Unless your futon frame is going into outer space.  Please let us know if this is the case.

Please let us know how these parts fit for you.  If you have any issues please let us know as soon as possible.  There are other small futon parts and pieces that we will be making, so if you need something unusual, let us know, and we'll see if it's on our agenda.  It's very expensive to make just 1 piece, but anything is possible. 

Thank you!

The Fantasy Futons Team!

 Approximate Dimensions

Center Hole 1/4", Main Diameter 3/4", Height 7/8" 

If you don't want to buy this part, here's a couple of ideas that might help you.

Click the link to the Oblong Roller below, and l
ook at the pictures to see what others have done to be able to use their frame.


Thank you,




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