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Introducing the modern platform bed

Platform beds are similar to futon beds in that they consist of a basic mattress and are supported by a very simple frame just like the futon metal frame. This clean look is popular for those going for a sleek, contemporary flair in addition to those who want to cut out the fancy headboard in an effort to conserve space. The modern platform bed also frees up space beneath it for storage. Clear plastic bins fit perfectly underneath them in addition to crates and other storage containers. However, they can't convert from sofas to beds like the futon. Platform bed king frames are designed to remain stationary and do not fold up to serve as seating.

Futon platform bed holds its own

Another convenient feature about the platform bed is that it doesn't contain a box spring. Don't worry; you'll still get the support needed without it because the futon platform bed is supported by wooden slats that uphold the mattress. The box spring is really unnecessary because it doesn't add any extra comfort or make your sleep experience that worthwhile. The slats do just as good a job to support your weight, and you'll keep a few hundred dollars in your pocket since you won't need to invest in a box spring.

Platform and futon metal frame choices

When shopping around for futon sofas or metal frame, be careful not to get confused with frames intended for futons and ones designed for the modern platform bed. It's easy to see how some may get confused since many styles reflect one another. While they may look the same, they're not interchangeable. The futon metal frame allows the futon to convert from sofa to bed whereas frames for platform beds do not convert at all. Explore Fantasy Futon's collection of futons, platform beds and other bedding products now!

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