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Liberty Futon Mattress

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Liberty Futon Mattress
Price: From $269.00 to $999.00

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Grip Strips are Needed for Sofa Style Futons
A Waterproof, Allergy Protector is Recommended
Futon Mattresses are Non Returnable Once Opened, Do you Agree?*


The Cotton-less Futon

Premium gentle firm polyester and foam futon mattress

Gives any futon frame a premium sofa feel
and is built to stay that way.

We'll Match any Price and Terms!

The Liberty Futon Frame Cushioning System.

1 - 7-1/2 oz twill fabric provides proper strength to hold the tuft in the mattress

2 -9" of high-performance foam, 2 layers of minimum 2.0 pound density plus 4 layers of 2.5 pound density provides the ability to keep the mattress looking and feeling good.

3 -A double layer of polyester gives the mattress a clean finished look.

4 -Machine tufting reduces the thickness of the mattress to lock in it?s look and feel.

5 - The tape edge closing process insures proper fit and finish of the mattress cover.


For a mattress to retain its shape and comfort level the materials it is filled with must be able to retain their shape and supportive character.  Read about our signature manufacturing process.

Simply put, foam is able to retain its shape and feel when repeatedly compressed while cotton fibre does not. Foam is a flexible solid that will come back to its original shape after being compressed time after time. Cotton batting is not a unified whole, but an arrangement of individual fibers. Once the fibers are compressed together there is nothing to bring them back to their original, separate locations when the weight is removed. This fact results in cotton batting becoming thinner and harder wherever it is being compressed on a regular basis.

We trust the materials that go into each of our mattresses. so much so, that each mattress is compressed and packaged in a box 1/4th its size. Our mattresses are filled with comfortable materials that retain their shape for years. The way we package it proves it.

-- Note all sizes, including King, can ship via UPS or FedEx.

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