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Latex Blends

King Size Futon Mattresses
Latex Blend Futon Mattresses

This Futon Mattress is the only one that we carry right now that is made in America. There are some Imported Chinese ones, but we feel that this one is reasonably priced and is from a very reliable United States Manufacturer. It is made with Latex.  The material used to make Latex comes from Rubber Trees.  "Hevea Brasiliensis" to be specific, and other ingredients.  If you want to search by the brand, or the type of mattress you can go to that section.  We have a staff of experts on hand, ready to answer any questions about the way different futon mattresses feel.  We can help you make a decision, based on what you will be using the futon for, what you want it to feel like, and your budget.  Call us at 1-480-529-7292 to speak to a Futon Mattress Expert.

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