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Otis Haley 110
Price: $1,223.00

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This is a custom, non returnable order for Sherri Agnew Interior Design.  The order can not be canceled for any reason, even if lost, or damaged.  Items are shipped insured.  If there is an error with any items, the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges, to and from the manufacturer, and they will make the final decision of whether or not there was an error.  If so, then the item will be replaced for no charge, and if not the item will be returned to the customer, at the customers expense.  Also, since the customer is providing the material, the manufacturer is not responsible for any material defects.  Also, the Haley 110 Twin XL mattress will be made custom, with a finished size as close as possible to 38" X 80" X 8".  It can still vary an inch or more in each direction because of the way it's vacuum packed for shipping, but it should be minimal.  It will not be any larger than 38" X 80".

1 Haley 110 Twin XL, made as clost to 38" X 80" as possible.

Total with shipping for mattress $468

1 - Cover for Twin XL 39" X 80", with zipper on 1 long and 2 short sides, placed in the middle, so it can be reversable.
2 - 9" X 39" Bolsters with Poly Inserts
3 - 18" X 21" X 5" Boxed Pillows with Poly Stuffers, also with zipper in the middle so it can be reversed.

Total with shipping for covers and inserts $755

All covers to be made with Sunbrella Artistry Indigo, as per specifications supplied by customer.
Fabric will also be provided by customer, which will be 10 yards of fabric, plus enough fabric for 4 Repeats.
Customer will ship the fabric to our manufacturer.

We will ship the entire order to the address below.

The mattress, and cover / pillow will arrive seperately.

Shawn O'Maley
C/O Hearts Art Design
1143 Central Avenue
Sarasota, FL  34236



Cost of labor, stuffers, and shipping - $755

Total for order is $1,223.

Thank you,

This is our most popular High Quality Futon Mattress.  When a customer comes into our store wanting a quality futon mattress at a price that won't break the bank, the Otis Haley seems to fit the bill.
After sitting and feeling all of the choices we have to offer, they pick the Otis Haley 110 more than any other mattress.
It's a multi-purpose futon mattress engineered to release a not too soft and not too firm feel. Generous amounts of highly resilient foam and polyester are utilized to create this futon that resists change in support after many years of use.
The 8" thickness is important, but the 14" of ingredients compressed down to 8" is what makes this mattress last longer than other 9" or 10" futon mattresses that are filled with uncompressed ingredients.
The Otis Haley 110 is Guaranteed for 10 years of every day, and more importantly every night use!


  • Comfort Level..Luxurious Firm

  • Durability..10-12+ years, designed to resist changes in support for years

  • Thickness..A TRUE 8"(14" of overstuffed goods compressed to perform inside an 8" border)

  • Weight..per full size..45 pounds

  • Popularity..#2 on the charts

  • Home Style Use.. Sofa and Bed

  • Frame Recommendations..can be used on a bi-fold frame or a platform bed style frame

  • The Otis Grip Strips are highly recommended…1 pair

  • Overcover..8" box recommended

  • Cost..mid range


The Haley 110 Futon Frame Cushioning System.

1 -7 1/2 oz twill fabric provides proper strength to hold the tuft in the mattress.

2 -9" of minimum 2.0 pound density foam provides the ability to keep the mattress looking and feeling good.

3 -A double layer of polyester top and bottom gives the mattress a clean finished look.

4 -Machine tufting reduces the thickness of the mattress to lock in its good look and feel.

5 -The tape edge closing process insures proper fit and finish of the mattress cover.

Bench Built - hand made quality assures uniformity and quality control on each futon.

Box Edges - for a TRUE reading of thickness, 8" or 6"

Overstuffed - generous amounts (approx. 14") of different combinations of highly resilient foam and fiber that create an "inside out" force against the mattress ticking that is necessary for proper and comfortable support, whether sitting or sleeping.

Tape Edge Closure - expert mattress tailoring operation that seals the comfort inside the mattress, insures proper placement of materials in the cover and reinforces the edges to present a clean tailored look instead of a "haphazardly stuffed look."

Compression Lace Tufting - This customized process alone will differentiate an Otis futon from any other! CLT serves to compress, strengthen and control the overstuffed cushioning materials. Our "button-less" tufting process forces the foam, fibers, springs an mattress fabric to work together to create a supportive synergy that produces a comfort level unique to each mattress… bottom line, your mattress will feel as supportive as it did on the first day.


Thickness can be a relative term in the mattress industry! Normally, when someone says this mattress is 8" is 8"thick, or if they say it's 10"…you expect to see a ten-inch mattress, not some rounded mattress that is guessed to be about 10" thick basically for marketing purposes only! The only true way to decipher the actual thickness of the mattress is to have a measurable border material (or a boxed edge, like a traditional mattress does). All of our futon mattresses are bench built and are made with a boxed corner and are tape-edged…this is just part of our signature manufacturing process. The bonus is that the "thickness" of the futon is easily deciphered, and it leaves the mattress with a clean tailored look for many years.

More important than the quoted thickness of the mattress, is the quality of the inside ingredients of the mattress. We carry two six-inch thick futon mattresses (Stratosphere and Nova) that are a better value and outperform some of the so-called 8, 9 and 10-inch futons in the market today! All of our futons are reputed to be of "premium quality, or high-tech" that keep their shape for 10-15 years; this is due in part to the quality of the key ingredient in our futon mattresses, which is FOAM. We only use highly resilient (H.D.) foam with densities that are 1.8 pounds per cubic foot or better. Some manufacturers use foam with densities of 1.4 or even worse, 1.2 (this will make a futon have a shortened lifespan, and even worse…damage the image of a futon). DON'T BE FOOLED BY THICKNESS…MAKE SURE YOU PURCHASE A GOOD QUALITY MATTRESS, AFTERALL, IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND MOST USED PART OF THE FUTON SOFA SLEEPER!

FUTON OVERCOVERS..Standard futon covers were made to fit futons that are 6 inches thick. Standard covers fit our 6-inch thick futons ONLY! Some futon mattresses made with cotton, or cotton and foam, or even innersprings that claim to be 8 or 9" inches thick will still fit inside these standard covers due to the above reasons..but not ours! Our true 8"thick futon mattresses need a true 8" thick cover. If you try to squeeze our futons into a smaller cover it will alter the feel of the futon and make it even harder to bend into the frame. We recommend an 8" box cornered cover!

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