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The evolution of futon sofas

Futon SofasFutons gained popularity in the US in the 1970s. Derived from the original Japanese futon, the "shikibuton", Americans found the futon convenient and affordable. Today, futon sofas are popular among college students, apartment residents and first-time homeowners because they save space, are easy to move and convert from couch to mattress at any time.

The U.S. futon sofas are different from the traditional Japanese futons. The Japanese futon was a mat placed on tatami floors and folded and stored in a closet after use. On the other hand, western futons are convertible--used as a sofa to sit on during the day and a mattress to sleep on at night. They are built with a futon metal frame to support the mattress and allow the futon to convert. Moreover, this bedding system has become completely customizable with endless color, style and design options for futon mattress covers to suit the owner's personality or match a room's existing decor.

Find a favorite futon metal frame

Futon Metal FrameAt Fantasy Futons, we offer an assortment of metal frames for futons. Looking for a wooded look to match your warm country decor? We offer hardwood, wood and oak frames equipped with futon hardware for assembly for the look you're going for. And for those who want a modern, contemporary look, a Euro futon metal frame will surely catch your eye. Begin browsing our line of frames now!

Futon mattress covers from contempo to classy

You can find the mattress cover you're looking for at Fantasy Futons. Choose from numerous colors, patterns and textures. We've got warm, cabana-like choices, baroque-inspired designs and even bold animal-print futon mattress covers. If you're all about upkeep, we've got washable and a futon matress pad for easy cleanup. Our futon warehouse stocks covers for every size mattress, so check out our futon covers gallery now and make your pick!

Futon mattress covers from contempo to classy

Those who buy a cheap futon mattress or frame may find the need for repair or replacement at some point. Hardware can be especially difficult to find, which is why we provide all kinds of tools to fix a broken futon. From brackets to bolts to glides to rollers, there's a lot that goes into a futon besides a mattress and frame. Don't know what you're looking for? All of our futon hardware listings include detailed specifications, so you can find exactly what you need.

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