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Futon Frame Sizes, Styles, and More

Bi-fold Futon Frames

The following information will give you a good knowledge of the types of futon frames made.  First is the most common type of futon frame called a Bi-Fold. They measure 75" inside the arms, for full size, and 80" inside the arms for Queen size. You need to add the width of the arms, which can be between 2" each, up to about 6" each, to get the total wall space. When opened as a bed a full size measures 54" from the wall to the front of the frame, and a queen measures 60". When in a sofa position they measure between 36" and 42" from the wall to the front of the seat. 

Santa Barbara Futon Frame Oxford Futon Frame Everest Futon Frame Dillon Futon Frame

General Futon Frame Info

90% of all futon mattresses or frames sold are full size. In a sofa position, the back of the queen frame and mattress stick up about 6" higher than a full, and can look strange, unless you are a very tall person, then you'll love it. little more difficult to operate, with a quality futon mattress, than full size futon frames.

With all types of frames, the least expensive ones are metal ones, then metal with import wood arms, metal with solid Oak arms, solid import hardwood, then solid American Oak hardwoods. There are some types of metal frames that are high quality, but the plain black metal frames are the lowest priced ones, and they are also the lowest quality. You can expect anywhere from 1 to 3 years of life out of them before they bend, or loosen to a point where you will not be able to tighten them up. With solid import hardwoods, you can expect 5 to 10 years of life, and with American Oak hardwood frames you can expect a 10 to 20 year life span.

As with many things in life, the lower priced futon frames are usually lower quality. We do carry quite a few futon frames that are both low priced, and great quality. There are very few, if any frames that have metal seats or backs that come in queen size, and no frames with metal seats and backs that come in a Love Seat style.


We are in the process of eliminating as many imported frames as we can from our site.  It's tough to eliminate all of them, especially the ones that use metal seats and backs because no everyone can afford a solid hardwood, or much less, and American made solid hardwood frame.  I guess America can't make metal parts cheap enough to compete with China with the way we trade with them.  It

would be different if I was president.  Futons would be mandatory for everyone too!

Futon Chairs & Ottomans

Now, on to Futon Chairs & Ottomans.  They come in two main sizes and styles. Chairs with built in slide out ottomans, and ones with separate ottomans, or ottomans that hook on to the seat.  Both styles can come in 2 sizes.  A standard chair is 28" wide, inside the arms, and a Twin sized chair is 39" wide, inside the arms.  Like the Bi-Fold frames above, you need to add the width of the arms to get the overall width of the frame.  When laid flat, the mattress size used for a standard chair is 28" X 54", and for the twin chairs it's 39" X 54".  The combined length of the chair and ottoman mattresses, for the standard chair, or the twin chair, with the ottoman extended, attached, or in front of the folded down frame, is about 75." for the mattress. The frame length might be an inch or two longer.  Usually a two piece mattress is used, but in some cases people prefer a one piece mattress.  With a 1 piece mattress it has to be a flexible mattress so that it can drape over the back of the frame when in the chair position, as shown next in the Love Seat section. The distance from the wall to the front of the frame when in a chair position is usually between 36" and 42".  See the info on each frame for exact sizes, or contact us for any information that is not listed.

Loveseat Futon Frames

Next are the Loveseats.  There are Full, and Queen Loveseats.  Full size ones measure 54" wide inside the arms, and when laid flat the mattress measures 54" X 54". Queen size Loveseats Measure 60" inside the arms, and when flat the mattress measures 60" X 60".  With each size and style you need to add the width of the arms, which can be between 2" each, up to about 6" each, to get the total wall space. When used with the ottoman they offer the same sleeping size as the standard full sized or queen sized standard Bi-Fold futon frame above, but the length and width are reversed, and they take up less wall space. Typically, they use a 2 piece mattress, or can use a thinner more flexible 1 piece mattress draped over the back of the frame, (like in the last picture), when used in the sofa position. The depth from the wall to the front of the frame when in a sofa position is between 36" and 42". Like the Chairs, some Loveseats have a built in slide out ottoman, and others have a separate ottoman with legs that attach to the frame, and others have a free standing ottoman.

Tri-Fold, 3-Way, & A-Frames

Lastly are what's called A-FramesTri-Folds or 3 Way Frames.  They come in 39" & 75" Twin54" X 75" Full, and 60" X 80" Queen sizes.  The 3 Way Frames can also be made in King sizes.  You'll need to add the width of the arms if any, which can be between 2" each, up to about 6" each, to get the total wall space. As a bed, the twin and full sizes are 75" long, and queen size is 80" long. They are also used in areas where wall space is limited. The sizes above are the width of the mattress, or the width inside the arms. Some of them don't have arms that extend above the futon mattress. They are what's called a Low Arm. Ones that have arms that do extend above the mattress, that you can actually rest your arms on are called High Arm models. You need to add the width of the arms to whatever size you need, to figure the exact wall space needed. These frames also normally use a thinner mattress that needs to be more flexible. Our most popular, and comfortable one is the Classic 6 Layer Futon Mattress, which is about 6" thick and it is flexible enough to bend into any of the positions.

Ultralight Pine Lounger Low Arm A-Frame Trifecta Lounger Futon Frame E-Frame

Well, this pretty much wraps up this tutorial.  There might be some unusual types of things out there that are not very common that we haven't covered.  If you have any questions or are looking for something custom or special, please contact us at, or call us toll free at 1-888-638-8667.

Shipping Damages

In the event that your frame arrives damaged, all items are fully insured with the Freight Carrier against damage in transit. In the rare event that you receive a damaged item the following steps must be taken:

  1. Accept delivery of your complete order.

  2. Contact us Immediately so that we can remedy the issue.

  3. Any damage to the products or to the boxes must be noted on the delivery receipt.

  4. If you are not going to use your Futon Frame right away, you must still Report any Damage within 24 hours of receipt.

If your frame does have damage, having the damaged furniture in your home allows us to remedy the issue quicker and also provides you with furniture to use in the meantime. Fantasy Futons will repair to first quality or replace your damaged furniture. Any damage must be reported to us within 24 hrs of delivery.  

If you choose to return your order and do not want us to replace any damaged parts, you can cancel your order, and return the frame according to our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 


We are certain you will be pleased with your purchase that we offer a 30 Day Money-back Guarantee on most Products.  However, Futon Frame orders may be cancelled before they are shipped, and you will receive a refund less only the credit card processing fees we were charged by our Credit Card Processing Company.  There will be no other charges, or fees, if the order has not been shipped.  Once the order has been shipped, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges, credit card fees, and restocking fees, or basically whatever it cost us to ship this frame to you, and to get it back to us undamaged.  Please be certain that you want the futon frame before you actually place your order, and if you have any questions at all, call us at 1-888-638-8667.


To Return a Frame, follow our directions below.  You will be responsible for all shipping charges, in addition to credit card charges, and restocking fees, which are normally about 20%.  Please Note that if a futon frame arrives with damage, and you wish to not receive replacement parts, you may still return your order, according to these standard return policies.  Otherwise, you will receive replacement parts free of any charges for parts, or for shipping.

1. The frame must be returned with the Original Packaging and Paperwork.

2. E-Mail us for a Return Authorization Number, (RA#), and to receive return instructions, and address.
3. When you receive the RA#, click this link and download this Return Form
4. Fill out the form with the information requested.
5. Returns must arrive within 30 days of the original delivery date.
6. The customer is responsible for any damage to the returned frame.
7. Once the frame is returned, we will issue a refund, less all credit card charges, shipping, and restocking fees.


Refunds will be issued for the appropriate amount, when the item is returned and inspected, in the same method as the payment

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