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Futon Mattress Bag

Futon Storage Bag
Price: $17.95

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There are no returns on this item. It is not a toy, and must be kept away from children, or it could cause choking, suffocation, and death. Do you accept these terms and full responsibility? *
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Futon Mattress Bag

Warning!  This is not a Toy.  Keep this bag out of the reach of children.  It can cause choking or suffocation, and injury, or death.

Futon Mattress Storage Bag - This is a 2 mil plastic bag made with corners that give it an 8" depth .  If you click the picture of the futon mattresses you will see that this bag is quite large as I am actually inside the bag.  You can store most any twin, full, or queen futon mattress, or conventional mattress or box spring in them to protect them from dampness, dust, and bugs.  You would typically fold your futon mattress in half, and then tie it with some rope or straps, and then put it in the bag, and twist one end, or fold the end over, and tape it closed.  You can also store many other items in this bag, like clothing, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, and much more.  Usually bags this size have tiny holes in them, but we order these bags custom, with no holes, and we can actually put a futon mattress in the bag, then attach a shop type of vacuum, and actually vacuum pack the mattress down to an incredibly small size.  Once it's shrunk as far as it can shrink, we use a considerable amount of shrink wrap and wrap the mattress, then we tape the opening and the entire mattress with packing tape.  It won't leak unless you get a hole in it or you don't have it sealed properly, and even if it leaks, the shrink wrap and tape keep it pretty well compressed, although you can get some bulges in it.  If you really want to assure a good seal we suggest buying 2 or more bags, and double bagging things.  We always used 2 bags for larger futons, like King sizes.  We put 1 bag over the top, and 1 over the bottom.  Although we do it, we don't recommend vacuuming your mattress, because it takes a lot of time, and effort.  This bag is sold as a way for you to simply cover your folded or rolled and tied futon mattress or other items without the vacuuming part.
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2 Mil Thick - 54" X 85" X 8" Depth

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