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Fantasy Futons Headquarters

This was our 7500 square foot store in Mesa Arizona.  With the economy what it is right now in Arizona we've decided to close it down and concentrate on our Internet customers.  Eliminating this overhead allows us to be competitive on Quality Futons, Frames, Mattresses, Covers, and the many other items that we carry.
We have quite a few things left in our storage facility near Power Road and Williams Field so if you're interested click this link to see what we have in stock and ready to pick up.
In Stock Items
This store cost us over $15,000.00 per month to operate and it only brought in 10% of our sales.
Our Website brings in 90% of our sales, and the overhead is tiny compared to the store.
We plan to open another smaller store in the East Valley as soon as the housing market and economy improve.
Thank you,
Allen Hyduck

 The Beginning; Tile Removal

Here are a couple of pictures of us starting to remove all the old vinyl tile.  We could have just carpeted over the old tile, but since we're buying the building, we wanted to do it right so we're stripping it down to the concrete, and starting fresh.

New Carpet, Tile, and Painting

Ok, now it's looking like a store we'd like to be in.  The carpet, tile, and paint are done, and it has that new store smell.  Now for some shelving and displays.



 Ok, if anybody's been looking, we've been neglecting updating progress of the new store.  We've been so busy getting everything ready, and trying to keep up with the business and shipping that I couldn't get any pictures taken.  Here are 4 new pictures of the store.  Things are starting to look pretty good we think.  One of our favorite areas is the Billiard and Bar area.  The bar is stocked, and we sell Pool Tables now, and they are selling like crazy.  





We loved this store.  It was a huge amount of work, but it turned out great.  However, after several break ins, we realized that the area we were in had turned very bad.  In fact, we closed this store in 2007, and to this day, it is still vacant.  Also, our previous store across the street where we were located for 15 years, is also vacant.