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Fantasy Futons and Furniture. Futons of the Rich and Famous!

Fantasy Futons - Futons of the Rich and Famous

Throughout the years we have shipped many items to some of the most famous people in the world.  Well.... maybe it was just the names of some very famous stars and personalities.

Of course we would never call them or give any of their personal information out to any Paparazzi to find out if it was really them, so all celebrities out there can rest assured that their privacy is guaranteed with Fantasy Futons.  In any case, if you are a celebrity who's dealt with Fantasy Futons, and would like to give us a plug, we'd appreciate it very much.


Steve Nash (Celtic Futon Cover) Michael Jackson (Jungle Boo Futon Cover)
James Taylor (Espresso Futon Cover) Pat Roberts (Navy Futon Cover)
John Mayer James Brown (Black Twill Cover)
Carol Channing (Big Sky Cover) Tim Allen
Roberto Alvarez John Armstrong
Kate Bosworth Bobby Brown
Jane Albright Theresa Heinz
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