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SRP EarthWise Energy Program
EPA Green Power Partnership

What is EarthWise Energy and who is SRP?

EarthWise Energy is a mix of renewable technologies that include sources consisting of solar, wind, landfill gas and low-impact hydroelectric generation.If you like to learn more about the EarthWise Program: Click Here, or view frequently asked questions about EarthWise Energy. SRP stands for Salt River Project, they provide power for most of Central Arizona. SRP works towards providing more efficient as well as a more enviromently friendly power sources. To see SRP's list of EarthWise Partners, please click here.

Why is Fantasy Futons a member of the EarthWise Energy Program?

EarthWise Energy program, not only increases the demand for new technologies, which will help bring costs down, but also helps to improve the environment for everyone.

What is the EPA's Green Power Partnership?

Green power is an environmentally friendly electricity product that is generated from renewable energy sources. To learn more about the Green Power Partnership, please visit the EPA's website here.

Why is Fantasy Futons a member of the EPA Green Power Partnership?

Here at Fantasy Futons, we believe in the enviroment and giving back to the people and places that give to us. This is one more thing that we are trying to be active in instead of just using up our limited resources.

The New Mexico Wind Energy Center

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