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Customers own Fabric

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Customers Own Fabric
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Product made with Customers own Fabric

This product is for the service of manufacturing a futon cover, or other item.  Please contact us for the types and amounts of fabric that is needed for various sized covers.  Please note that there are some types of fabric that are not suitable for futon covers, and in some sizes, and widths of fabric, there may be extra charges to have the item made with more seams, which may cost more.  Also, the direction of the fabric is important.  It's best to contact us before placing any orders for using your own fabric.

Terms & Conditions

1. There are no returns or cancellations for any reason, including delays, lost items, damage, defects, or acts of nature, theft, or errors on our part or yours.
2. If a cover is lost or damaged in shipping, we will file a claim and when paid, we will give that payment to the customer.
3. The value of your order is set at $100, and if an item is lost, we will only claim $100 of value unless you ask us and add extra insurance on your order.
4. We, and our manufacturers will do their best to make the cover the correct size, and with the highest of quality.
5.  If there is an error of any kind, we or our manufacturers will re make the cover for no charge, but will not pay for the cost of the fabric or shipping.
6. If a cover needs to be inspected for a size issue or dispute the customer is responsible for all shipping.
7. Some fabrics may not be acceptable for a particular purpose.  If we can't make an item, you will still be responsible for all shipping charges.
These rules may sound harsh, and we have never had a problem with a custom order.  The bottom line is this.  We may make $20 or $30 on your order, and for that small amount of profit we can not be responsible for the cost of fabric, or extra shipping charges.  If there is a defect, we or our manufacturers will attempt to repair, or correct the problem, however if it can not be fixed without extra fabric, we are not responsible for the cost of buying any extra fabric.  If the item needs to be completely replaced, we will do the work at no charge, but the customer must still provide more fabric, and pay for all shipping charges.
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