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4/12/2021  I just had a previous customer email and ask if we were still in business.  They looked at this feedback page, and there has been nothing new added since 2014, which made them wonder.  YES! We are still in business, but with everything that's happened in the past 5 years, I have not kept up with this section of the site.  I still get reviews all the time.  I'll try to start adding a few again.  Thanks for reminding me Randl.

Here's something that most people don't think about. The price seems to be the #1 reason people decide to buy from us, but how will you be treated after you've made the purchase, or if there's a problem with your order? The following will give you an idea of how we treat our customers after the sale has been made. Notice how many times people have commented on how we were there when they really didn't expect us to be there to help them. We get many more letters like this but we don't put them all on.

4/17/2021 Allen!  Got my Futon cover!! And it’s perfect!  Thank you so Me & my girls LOVE it!!   Michelle S.
Michelle and her dogs enjoying their new futon cover

Hi Allen,
We received the cover yesterday and it is perfect!  It was such a delightful surprise to come home to.  You have far exceeded my expectations, and I truly appreciate all of your efforts and communication.  I, of course, am also very please with the quality of the cover and craftsmanship.  As a sewist I appreciate well constructed products such as yours. 
I understand you paid $20 to rush deliver the fabric.  Did you incur any costs to ship the cover at an expedited rate?  I would like to cover those costs. How can i go about reimbursing you for those costs?
Again, thank you for your superior service and outstanding product.
Thank You,
Hello Allen & the sales team at,
My parents received their futon cover this week, as you said they would, and they are delighted!!!  Thank you.
Although I haven't seen it yet, they say they are so pleased that it matches their curtains perfectly, fits their futon like a glove & generally lifts up their living room.
Best regards,- Hope
That is really good news!  Thank you so very much……your "customer service" is very real and that is rare in today's market!
We look forward to the cover….it may actually warm up in Wisconsin someday…haha
Curt and Pat
Hi Mary,
Just to let you know, I received my futon cover on Friday. It fits
my queen futon perfectly, and the color looks great in my room!
Thank you again so very much for taking the "bull by the horns”
and getting the job done for me!
Thanks, Linda
Thank you so much for going out of your way to help us get the futon mattress for our college son.  Our son is attending Arizona State and we flew from Columbus, Ohio to get him settled. We found a great futon frame at Goodwill but needed a mattress and  we only had a few hours to purchase one as we had to catch a flight home but wanted the peace of mind that our son had what he needed before we left. 
Thank you again for taking care of us at the last minute.  We really appreciate it.
Good Morning Mary,
Writing to let you know I received all of my order yesterday and just wanted to say Thank You very much for all of your help.  Everything looks GREAT, and can not wait to get to the jersey shore this weekend to set all up. This will finish the work from the storm damage and we can put Sandy behind us.. Again Thank You!!!!!!!!
Sincerely, Diane
Hi Mary,
Thank you again for placing my order for the king size Rock Bedframe!  This is my second bedframe and absolutely love the product as it's easy to assemble and the quality is fantastic! 
I have to express my gratitude for the high level of customer service you provided, when I called the store to check on my order....instead of an automated phone system, you personally answered the phone, had a real conversation with me and followed through with commitments!  Thank you for being genuine and standing behind your products and the process!
I would recommend Fantasy Futons to anyone that is looking for service, quality and integrity!
Thank you, Keri, Minneapolis, MN
Got the rugs. They look awesome, as usual. Got a question, though. Is there any chance you guys have another runner in coffee?
Hi Mary,
Thank you!! I appreciate your help and great costumer service. We'll definitely be ordering again from you. :) Have a good day!
Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service and I love my new futon covers! I attached two pictures of it on one of my futons - the color looks nicer in person than the camera quality from my phone shows. The piping looks great! I love the texture of the 'posh' cover too!

aloha Allen wonderful news my box arrived safe & sound I TORN INTO IT COULDN'T WAIT TO SEE MY NEW COVER.  IT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!  it works in my small room beyond perfectly. 
and you see--its easy to use the usps boxes.  my post person hand delivered it right to my door!!!! how's that for service!!!!!
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! will be back on the site to see what else i can use! 
I am going through email and realized and I never responded. The futon cover was here in time for Christmas. I love the cover. It looks great.
My grandchildren have slept on the futon 3 times. I always had it made into a bed before they arrived. They were amazed when they saw it turn into a ‘sofa’.
Thank you – I made the right choice in Frame, Mattress, Cover and Vendor – I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Mary and Allen were absolutely delightful to deal with. They take the time to deliver first-rate customer service. When the futon cover we wanted turned out to be out of stock with the manufacturer, they promptly communicated that to us and went out of their way to help us select a different fabric. The futon cover arrived quickly, and we're very happy with the product and the service of this company. I highly recommend Fantasy Futons. They have a really great selection of futon covers at competitive prices, too.
I just wanted to write and say thank you for your patience and expertise in guiding me through the purchase of my new futon mattress. It was really an exciting process even though I was afraid since I don't order online. I love it! I laid on it myself and its wonderful! You were so patient with me during all my calls and questions. You don't get this type of service much but fantasy futons was impeccable and I would recommend this company to anyone. Absolutely Wonderful!!!!
This is late, but I want to tell you how beautiful the futon cover is on our   queen futon...beautifully sewn, sturdy, looks so classy in our bonus room.  Thank you! Jennie
Dear Fantasy Futon Representative,
The cover and the pillows are truly beautiful.  
Thank you! Roger
Hi Allen,  The mattresses arrived and are great! So glad I took your suggestion for the Alexa covers! They are like a soft fine corduroy. I am very impressed with the workmanship of these covers and so great to have that 3 sided zipper! All is good & many thanks for your individual service & advice.  Regards,  Sheila T
Hello Mary, Thank you for your email. We are grateful for your all your help and information. We appreciate you following up and phoning us back as well and answering our numerous questions.  We are placing the order via the link you have provided below.
Have a wonderful day!
Best,  Gordana & Sean B.
Shortly after I ordered from I received an email alerting me to the unusual sizes of my order.  I was relying on my memory because my futon and chairs were in storage.  However, Allen called me on my cell and was able to pull up my last order from 4 years ago and ensure that the sizes I ordered were correct.
This kind of personal helpful service is a rare findings these days.
You can update this one as delivered. It arrived a week ago Saturday, and is already being enjoyed by its user (my 3-year old, who claimed she wanted a hard-rock bed like her grandmother has—another Haley 150 sleeper). Otis manufactured it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday.   (I hope this doesn’t mean that their factory is in trouble…). Thanks for your help. Not much futon/bedding purchasing in my near future, but I’ll steer anyone I can your way.
Thanks for ALL of your help. You have just been wonderful to work with. I wish there were more people like you in this world!  Brigit
My Wailea botanical pillows arrived, and they are beautiful. I decided to order two more in a slightly larger size. Thank you again for the assistance you previously gave to me over the phone. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality items. Sincerely,  Mary in Leadville, Colorado
Hi Mary. Just wanted to let you know the cover arrived and we have put it on our futon. It is beautiful! We are all so pleased. I have included some photos; no idea how to make them smaller (all about 3 megs) so I will send them individually.
Thanks again!  Linda
 Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I just had a conversation with a woman sales associate/customer service representative regarding my futon mattress which slides down. She was immensely helpful, patient, and even interesting as she helped me figure out that I could use a futon mattress gripper and also assisted me with determining which one was the right fit for me.  Thank you so much!
Thanks so much the futon cover arrived is AWESOME. I really appreciate the extra effort to get it to Canada. Take care, Dianne.
Hi, Allen,
The futon cover arrived today, and it was totally worth the wait - it's beautiful!  I'm already thinking of ordering another one, to have as a spare.  I love the fabric, and the colors, and the excellent workmanship.
Thanks for all your help!!
Hi Allen~
Just a note to tell you that our new futon even exceeded our expectations... it is beautiful and the color is true red!
Thank you and Happy New Year!
Mary & Allen:
Thank you so much for all the help with our futon.
Very knowledgeable and good advice.
Our leather futon cover fits perfect on our Gold Bond mattress.
You cannot even tell it is a futon!  The cover fits like a glove!
Love the leather!
Shipment was so prompt!
Thank you,
Rick & Terri
This may not be the right place to put this, but I am so happy I re-found you! This is the fourth mattress I am purchasing from your company, and just had to go through a REALLY bad experience with another company because I couldn't find your website, and couldn't find your email address from older orders. I thought, "Oh, well, they were very good, but here is the mattress I want for pretty cheap, I am sure it will be fine." HA! After having to get the BBB involved, I looked A LOT harder for my old invoices from Fantasy Futons and sighed in HUGE relief to have found them. Every time I have dealt with you, it has been a very positive experience. I even talked on the phone with someone last time I ordered and they engaged so helpfully with me to be sure my delivery ended up in the right place.
I don't feel like I am putting the cart too much before the horse in writing this review/thank you BEFORE I even submit my order. I have utmost confidence that should there be some slight goof or hiccup in the purchase of my mattress it will be efficiently and professionally dealt with by you.
I am mostly just glad to be back here, at this reliable website, after a nightmare experience with someone else and thought I would let you know!

THANKS AGAIN FOR BEING A CONSISTENTLY RELIABLE COMPANY! I have been made very aware of what a pleasure it is to deal with businesses like yours
I received my order yesterday! I LOVE it! The futon cover and pillow covers fit perfectly and it makes my 12 year old futon look brand new! Thank you for a high quality product at a fair price, and the outstanding customer service. Thank you also for manufacturing your product in the USA. 
Warm Regards, 
The next person who I know that needs a futon will be sent right to you!
Just ordered the Liberty after a lot of thought.  Thanks for your above and beyond customer service!
Hi Allen,
The futon cover arrived today and like you said initially it will fit perfect!  And guess did!  I should not have even thought about doubting you.  Appreciate your patience and help regarding this order.  It has been a very satisfactory shopping ex-perience with your company.   Thank you again, Joey


  I received my new Otis mattress earlier this week. When I saw the box it came in, I thought, "no way can this be what I ordered!" But when I tore off the cardboard, it burst out like a Jack-in-the-Box! Just wanted you to know that this Galaxy is firmer than my old mattress (great!), and, quite frankly, so far superior to my old one that there is really no comparison. I am extremely pleased. You really know your business.


Hello Allen,

I wanted to thank you for your great customer service. I received the tracking numbers for the Futon Frame and Mattress, it looks like I will have them by next Wednesday at the latest. That is quick! Thank you so much!

Not like your company needs it, but I plan on making sure to leave a review on all the review places that I used when researching your company so I can add to all the good reviews that Fantasy Futon already has.

I was wondering if you could let me know about the futon cover that I ordered, how long does that usually take to ship out? It is order #65946

Thank you again for all your kindness,


Thanks for the very nice futon cover.  My daughter loves it.  Great colors, and great quality fabric.  


Just a quick message to let you know how pleased I am with my new futon cover set.  It is very well made and really brightens up my room! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for new covers or similar products from your website.

Hi, Fantasy Futons.

Just wanted to let you know that the futon frame I ordered arrived yesterday and that it's absolutely gorgeous!  The quality, workmanship and written instructions are some of the best I've ever seen.  All the parts were in the box; the instructions were very easy to read and follow; and everything aligned perfectly.  I know the instructions state to use two people to put the frame together, but I managed to do it alone (with a little support from a box when necessary).  By the way, the delivery service which was used was extremely professional and quite helpful.  You should definitely continue to use their services when possible.  

The futon mattress cover also just arrived today.  Now all I'm waiting for are the two futon covers and the futon mattress itself before I can permanently deflate my rapidly sinking inflatable mattress.  Would it be possible to get an estimated date of delivery?

Thanks again, and I look forward to continual business with you.


I wanted to send a Thank You to whoever sent out my samples.  They included some additional ones that were perfect, and I placed my order today for one of the ones that I had not seen.  So, thank you for you wonderful Customer Service and going above and beyond my expectations.  You really know how to personalize the process.
Allen, I just wanted to let you know your refund showed up on my account this am..
Thank You...!!!
Please know, That if you need/want, Beverly & Richard of Chicago IL would
be available (and Happy), to be references for Fantasy Futons...
Your product; Excellent Quality
Your shipment: Excellent well priced/well packed
Your Customer Service; Excellent, "The customer is always right", refreshing and unique
in this anonymous computer society....
Thanks Again
God Bless
Beverly & Richard
Hi Allen:
Just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with our futon frame, mattress & cover!
Not only did everything arrive early, but each piece is well made and it all looks terrific in our
home office!! We'll definitely recommend your company to our family and friends!!
Also, I read the interesting piece you wrote about your company's history! I know that times
are tough, but I encourage you to hang in there! Despite the devastating and deliberate attacks
on our economy and our great country by the federal government, I believe we Americans have
"American Exceptionalism" in our DNA!! We will not allow this "change" to stand! If we all vote this
Nov. to remove those legislators that brought us this mess, we'll begin the task of taking back our
Again, thank you for your great products and wonderful customer service!
Take care,
To Whom It May Concern:
Our Haley 150 arrived last night. It literally arrived within 4 business
days of ordering. Thank you very much for the quick manufacturing and
delivery. For the first time in a very long time, I didn't wake up with a back ache. It is so amazingly comfortable and because my husband and I prefer firm mattresses, the Haley 150 is perfect. We will enthusiastically recommend this mattress and your company to our friends and family. We look forward to at least 10 years of sleeping comfort.

Cheryl (you may use my note as an endorsement)
Allen, my futon cover just arrived and is already on my futon. It is absolutely beautiful - exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Almost impossible to tell the difference between rugged, worn leather and whatever material this is. Looks like it will hold up well to our two barking, not biting, dogs, who love to sleep on top of the back of the futon. I'll be back next month for the bolsters, the month after for the pillows.
Thank you so much for going the extra mile (literally!) to get my order to me. I am from the generation where service was a given; not an exception - so nice to see there are still business people who really care about the service they provide, and the product they sell.
Many thanks.
Pat Veeder
Thanks so much, Allen!!! I enjoyed talking with you, today, and LOOOOOVE your warm, personal, CARING service. Thank you!!!
Just wanted you to know I received my Montana Tucson futon cover.
The color is just right. It fits perfect. And is just the dash of color I needed to perk up my living room.
May God bless your business.
I received my order today! Love the futon & pillow covers, thanks for the fabulous service and great prices.
Mattress arrived this afternoon in its tiny little box - amazing how they're able to squeeze it into that container. Grip strips were a real bitch at first trying to peel the backing off but I caught on to the trick of it pretty quickly. Now I know why your wife hates them so, lol. I am very pleased with the Haley mattress you recommended. Thanks for the excellent advice!
Best regards,
You were right. In fact, the futon mattress came the very next day (Friday).
I am still so impressed that you took the time to explain the process and what to expect.
You don't experience that level of Customer Support very often these days.
Kudos to Otis, as well!
Hi Allen,
I just wanted to let you know that we got our beautiful new platform bed last week. It was easy to put together, and it is sturdy and good-looking.
The wood smells great. Even with our old mattress is feels so much better than the box spring we used to have.
Thanks for making the Rambling Wood beds available through your store!
Esther & Pablo
The covers and mattresses look excellent on my frames. Thanks for the suggestions and we very much appreciate the quality and appearance of your product. The frames were under water for three days during Hurricane Ike and the original pads sat on them two weeks before we were able to get back to the house. Cleaned the ash frame with Murphys Oil Soap and then a good coating of Old English Lemon Oil. See the attached.
Happy customer,
Dr. Franklin
Hello Allen,
We have received the special order above. The new cushion is very well-made & fits perfectly. And it is so much better than the make-do pillows that we have been using for many years.
Thank you so much -- excellent job & excellent service!
Warmest regards,
I appreciate the call to upgrade and your concern that we are very satisfied with our purchase, Your web site is very easy to peruse, easier than other futon sites, I did considerable research before selecting you for the purchase. Thanks for the phone contact and keep up the good business. I look forward to getting the "stuff". My other pads were destroyed by Hurricane Ike, 4 feet of water in the house, yet the ash frames survived very well.
Thanks again,
Dr. Dennis
I just wanted to let you know that I received my custom-made futon cover and throw pillows, and the cover fits perfectly! It's well-made (as are the pillows), and the fabric is beautiful. The company who makes these for you did an excellent job. Oh, BTW, FedEx DID call me to let me know my order was being delivered, so the note on the shipment DID work (the USPS already has access to my building, so their deliveries are never a problem). Thanks for doing that, and also for your advice re the futon cover. I'm really glad that I ordered through your company.
Thanks again,
Fantasy Futons:
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of my futon cover. It is so well made and the material is fantastic. I called Mary in your office and she suggested that I send a email along with the picture.. Of course the picture does not do it justice but I am very happy with my purchase. I can't believe how easy it was to put it on. The zippers are really nice as well.
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service.
Sincerely, Karen
YOU deserve to be the employee of the month over this!!
I'll go and see if I can find the same cover only in a full size now!!
You're the BEST!!!
Hi Allen, the replacement was waiting for us at our Daughter's Apt. when we got to Texas!
Thanks for the superior service!
Received my order over the weekend. Love the cover, quality was excellent and fit was perfect. Thanks so much, will definitely use you again and recommend you to others.
Have a good week!
Received my futon mattress today and I just wanted to express my thanks!!!! IT's GREAT!
Hi Allen,
Just wanted to let you know that we received out futon yesterday! We LOVE it! The assembly was super-easy. Thanks so much!
Hi Allen!
Just want you to know how VERY IMPRESSED I am with the quality and quick shipment of my order. It's MUCH better than I thought it would be!
I will without a doubt recommend you!!!!
Dear Allen, thank you for the beautiful futon cover, it arrived promptly today and fit perfectly. It was so easy to put on and made our old futon look brand new again. We are very pleased with the product and service and will definitely shop with your company again.
Many thanks!!
Thanks for the quick response. Guess I didn't realize it was being shipped separately. This company has a excellent website, good communication skills and is a pleasure to deal refreshing!
My boyfriend and I searched and searched and searched trying to find the perfect futon cover. We finally settled on a pattern, and went back to order it and it was no longer on the website. We called, and Allen was gracious enough to find what we were talking about, called the manufacturer who had one left and put it back onto the website for a brief time so we could get it! We got it and it was just the fabric we wanted, but then we discovered that while we thought we had queen size futon, we really had a full size futon. So we called again, Allen called the manufacturer and they didn't have a full size available, but he said we could get our queen converted to full for a small fee. We did. And we love it. Thank you so much!
Gwen and Matt, NYC
The futon color (and cover) is perfect. I'm glad I went with your shop.
I've attached a couple pics of the final product.
Thanks again for all your suggestions and for your assistance.
Hi John,
Just received the futon cover and put it on and we are thrilled with it! What a beautiful job they did!!! Excellent quality and workmanship!!!
Thank you.
Jeanette and Rich
Thank you, you really made up so well for the problems. One in a million service, Allen, & you deserve an accolade for that. Tell your boss I said so, please.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just as promised I received my 3-way pine lounger about a week before Christmas. My daughter loves that it is so versatile and so do I. The mattress is very nice. I may end up ordering another one as well for my son's bed. You have responded to my many e-mails with the utmost care and will remember that next time I have a futon need. will be the first place I look!!!!!!! A BIG Thank You to the whole group for making our Christmas wishes come true.
Boonsboro, MD
I just wanted to write and express my appreciation for the fast processing of my order of a Haley loveseat futon mattress. I appreciate the telephone call from one of the sales representatives on the day of the purchase also. You were exactly right about the firmness of the 110! I love it, and I am in love with my futon loveseat again. The mattress is super!! I received it the day before my move, and it is now in my new home. You guys are the best!
Thank you again.
I don't really know who you people are but the cover worked perfect….you have great personal customer service. Keep it up. Thanks for everything! Susan
We received the mattress last Thursday. We love it! I haven't had a good night's sleep for years until this past weekend. Thanks for all your help and recommendation to purchase the Haley 110. We are so pleased with your customer service. Thanks again.
WE RECENTLY ORDERED A HALEY 110 FUTON, PLUSH GUARD PROTECTOR COVER & GRIP STRIPS. All were received within 10 days in prime condition.
ED Philadelphia, PA
My covers arrived last week. Not only is the fabric beautiful and better than as as described and shown on the website, but the craftsmanship is outstanding as well. The detail to the futon cover seems is very well done. As a bit of a pick person, I was ready to be not so happy and you have pleasantly surprised me with a top-of-the-line product. In fact, I and VERY happy with these covers. I will be ordering from you again for sure! Feel free to share my praise. It is well deserved.
Thank you for such a wonderful online shopping experience!
Kathy in Maryland
Please have your manager know that you are wonderful & your quality of customer service is second to none!
I order lots online & this level of super elite customer service is just not out there anywhere!
I will tell everyone who will listen just how great this was handled & how very SATISFIED I AM!!!!
You really deserve a BIG RAISE cause you have made me a committed customer too bad your company doesn't sell more things cause I would be purchasing loads!
Thanks again.
Ms Terry
I would like to commend your company for the excellent customer service I received.
I had found the same futon cover on your website for two different prices. However, when I tried to place an order for the lower price listing I was advised that the cover was not available. Fortunately, when I called your 800# for help, I got Allen on the line.
As he was checking things out, I happened to click on your Bargain Basement section and found the cover listed for an even lower price. Allen said that he would make sure I received the lowest price but advised the price would only be available if the order was placed online. He then offered to stay on the phone with me until the order was fully processed and was remarkably patient, polite and helpful throughout.
The whole experience was so exceptional that I will certainly use your company for any future purchases and will wholeheartedly recommend you to others.
Sincerely yours--Lee
When purchasing a futon cover for $40 I knew I might be taking a risk. I still can't believe that it was not only shipped the day I placed the order but the color, fit, and workmanship were great. I do a majority of the sewing for my home and I could not have made it for that price. It took a total of 15 minutes to put it on the futon and that included ironing out any wrinkles. My only suggestion would be to put the white warranty tag in a less noticeable place on the cover. It was impossible to totally cut off.
Thanks again for excellent service.
Unfortunately, it is fairly uncommon to find real, thoughtful and considerate customer service like that which you have delivered thru FANTASY FUTONS. When you experience it--it is truly worth shouting about. Rest assured that I will share this very positive experience with many, and especially with my very wealthy acquaintances.
Allen, Hi just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I actually got the arm assemblies this weekend pretty much free. My folks were having a garage sale in their community and I sold some fabric to a couple that traded me arms. Not the actual ones I wanted but for now they will do. I can add to them and make them just great. But thanks for your continued response and great customer service. I have to say I had the best response from you a couple of other companies tried to do the typical salesman routine how I needed to get the entire frame and were at times quite annoying. So thanks and I have bookmarked your site as my kids will be moving soon and asking about the futons to go with them.
Kindest Regards,
Hi Allen,
Just wanted to thank you for your extremely responsive and helpful service. We just got an email that our futon mattress is in the mail. Wow! You were very helpful throughout the process. I look forward to using your store for all our "e-futon needs."
Again, thanks,
A thousand times, Thank you!
* My futon cover has arrived in less than half the stated shipping time of two weeks.
* It is a true queen size.
* The zipper goes 3/4 of the way around the cover.
* The pattern/colors is/are exactly how it/they looked on your website.
* The zipper is cleverly disguised by a fabric overhang (I'm sure there's a technical term, but I'm not a seamstress).
Taken together, this means I was able to put a new cover on my queen size futon BY MYSELF, before Mother's Day, that is beautiful, and sewn better than I imagined.
Thank you for delivering such a fine product to my very doorstep!
Sincerely, Heidi
Hello John:
we received the futon today and the cover fits great.
Thank you so much for all your help, you've been terrific.
you too john and btw..super excellent service. i will buy all my future futon needs from you. i have six futons here in action being used.
i will need mattresses etc in the coming months.
they are currently about five years old and i think need replacing.
ill find you and shop till i drop.
John/Fantasy Futons:
I received the futon cover today!!!! It is beautiful - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPERB AND PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your one on one attention is exceptional. Not only did you prevent me from making a mistake, you renewed my faith in on line purchases....... THANK YOU sincerely.....
"An overwhelmingly satisfied customer"
I wanted to pass along to your customer service and to Otis -- how much we appreciated them sending the futon bed-- via FedEx Ground -- I assume from Buffalo-- and got it here on Christmas Eve morning. Since we had several family members arriving that day who would stay for a few days-- it was greatly appreciated and greatly needed!
We had hoped to have it -- but from the email assumed it would not make it in time. It was almost unbelievable to us that it arrived. We want to salute Otis bed for not only making an excellent product, but for the outstanding service.
It is a pleasure to do business with such a company.
Thank you for your prompt reply -- I am very happy with your company's service and will definitely recommend you whenever I get the chance. I only regret that I did not choose Fantasy Futons over the Futon Store when I did my first online futon search. Hopefully, my credit card company will be crediting my account soon for that purchase.
I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!
Just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with the futon covers we bought from your company. The fabric is nice and heavy, the colors bright, and with the long zippers, they were so easy to put on. I couldn't believe they arrived at our doorstep in 5 days! Thank you, too, for accommodating our request to purchase the love seat covers without the extender cover. We will definitely purchase from you, again, and recommend your company to friends and family.
Happy Holidays.
The bed arrived in perfect shape and is lovely. The wood is beautiful and works just as advertised.
Thank you so much,
I just wanted to write and let you know I received the covers yesterday. That was the fastest service ever!
Thank you so much!
Hi Allen!
Just wanted to let you know that my futon cover and pillows arrived today. Earlier than I anticipated!
My husband and I just got through putting it on. It is absolutely gorgeous. The material is beautiful and the colors are just what I had hoped for. The futon is in his computer room and he is just tickled to death with the new one.
Thanks again so much for all your help.
Have a great weekend.
Hey, Folks
Re: Order # 44400
The futon frames arrived today. Covers, mattresses and gripper strips arrived during the past two weeks. Everything that came in was exactly as ordered. Thanks for the good work.
Be Well.
Just got my futon mattress and also the cover delivered!
What can I say, I am just thrilled with the entire process. I cannot thank you enough for making this experience a really pleasurable one! Everything was great from the ordering to the final delivers, on time and as described,
no surprises at all. Your prices are the best around.
I will definitely keep you in mind for more orders in the future and recommend you to my other friends in earnest.
Thank you for everything.....
to all of you - a great big "e;THANK YOU"e;. The experience of ordering an entire living room full of furniture from you has been great. Before I ordered, questions were answered very promptly. Within 3 weeks after I placed the order, everything had been delivered. The construction and quality of the furniture, the comfort of the mattresses, the styling of the covers - all perfect.
I wish you could have seen my neighbor's face when the delivery truck unloaded the futon frames. He couldn't believe I actually ordered furniture on-line. Better yet - you should have seen the neighbor's face when he came over and saw the quality of the frame, the ease in which it was assembled, and the price. I spent a lot less and got better quality furniture than he got from a local store!
thank you again
p.s. - I have been passing out your url so if you get more orders from Casper, Wyoming ....
Dear Sirs, I recently purchased a Hailey 110 mattress and s.i.s cover from you! I must say, I am extremely happy with the quality of the products!! And the customer service was excellent!! Not only did you match the price of one of your competitors, you did it within a matter of a couple of hours!! I plan on buying a new mattress for my platform bed in the near future, and feel I need look no further than fantasy futons!! Thank you for a very good customer experience!
I will be recommending you to my family and friends!
A very satisfied customer! Ted Townsend
Hello Allen,
Just wanted you to know I received the futon cover today. I am SO impressed with Fantasy Futons service! You were extremely helpful and prompt. I will recommend your company to friends and family.
Thanx once again! I hope you share this with your supervisor or if you would like I will forward the e-mail to him/her.
God bless.
I was astonished to find our futon covers delivered exactly as ordered, within two days! Customer service like yours is rare, and should be commended. You have a faithful customer in me, and I will pass the word along. Thank you. Mary D. Cheshire,CT
I would like to express how pleased I am with my cover. The vivid colors and texture of the material is more than I anticipated. It surely has put the "e;pop"e; in my décor. Thank you.
We received our mattress cover yesterday afternoon.
Your service is outstanding.
The cover is just want we hoped it would be
Thanks for the fantastic service
Thank you for providing me with such awesome customer service Allen! I have since ordered from Fantasy Futons the Renaissance futon as well as the Haley 110 mattress because of the information you provided me.
Again, thank you for your prompt service.
Hi John,/Tanna
I received my futon cover on Tuesday and was very pleased with the color and the quality of the fabric. It is beautiful and I'm very satisfied with the exchange. Thank you for a great futon cover.
I already thought I was getting a great deal on my purchase and then I won the monthly contest!
Thanks Fantasy Futons for putting your customers first!
Alison from Texas
Received the futon and I love it!! There are a number of similar futons but the quality of yours out does them all.
Thank you.
Just put the cover on the futon – LOVE IT! So glad we found your site – the product we ordered was a great value! Thanks again, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future – plus, we’ll tell all of our friends!
Hi John,
The mattress has been delivered, I want to thank you for all your help in making this happen, I will buy our next futon from you all, the customer service was fantastic and the product is also!
I just got my moonshadow futon mattress. We LOVE it!! I was going to spend less money for one, but after reading the info on the moonshadow I decided to buy it specifically because we use it as a futon sofa for every day use. I have had two other futon mattresses in the past, and they became very hard and uncomfortable. I learned my lesson. This sofa is like a regular sofa now, because I bought the moonshadow. I am so glad I spent the money, thankyou, Karen Curtis
5/4/06 A word to describe the Moonshadow Mattress: Wow! Incredible softness, with enough firmness as not to just sink in. Like a fine wine!! We also love the Omni Softgoods Hickory Suede cover. Just the fact that it is washable won me over. Then when we put it on the futon, it fit perfectly. Thanks to a great store!
4/21/06 Hello, I wanted to let you know that the futon cover and pillows arrived today. That was very quick delivery! I am very happy with the quality and fit. I had a heck of a time getting the cover on, because my futon mattress weighs a TON, but it fits perfectly, and it looks beautiful! I was very impressed with your level of customer service & communication. What really helped in ordering it was the statement on your site that "e;over 75% of all Queen Covers ordered are returned for a full size."e; Your measuring instructions were very helpful as well. Without that guidance, I surely would have ordered the wrong size! Your personality shows through on your site. You've won me as a customer, and I won't hesitate recommending you to my friends. Sincerely, Janet
4/19/06 Allen, you have made my day by your fabulous customer service. It's always so nice when someone goes out of their way to help. It just goes to show you can still count on people to be courteous and customer oriented. I'm in the airline business and I try to go the extra mile with my passengers. So thank you so very much and know the way you responded to me was GREATLY appreciated. And now I will be able to show off my futon cover to my birthday guests. WAHOOO!!!!!
4/18/06 HI Allen, Thank you so much for the awesome follow through on the futon cover order. We received it today and it is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. We really do appreciate all that you have done for us beginning with the great communication and quick responses to our questions. Your updates were prompt and timelines were exactly as you stated. Not a wrinkle in the transaction. This is the way we like to do business and we will be back for future transactions! Have a very Happy Easter! Pam and Daniel
4/16/06 Just a quick thank you! The futon mattress and zebra cover w / peppermint red inlay arrived last week and is wonderful! And so speedy!! You guys are my heroes. Thanks again for the super customer service. Barb
4/13/06 Dear Allen & Bob, I want to thank you both for the speedy reply concerning my order. Thanks to you I can now relax & enjoy the painting of the room we are going to set the futon in. I am so pleased with your service. Sincerely, Kim
Cherry finish, please.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I greatly appreciate the ease with which it took to get this replacement.
Hi there,
You are so on top of it Allen. Thank you very much. The cover did arrive yesterday, just like you said, it was on my front porch. It?s marvelous and I love it and the mattress. Made such a difference in my guest/tv room.
Warmest regards,
Hi Allen,
Thanks a lot. Your excellent customer service had made my day. It's really a pleasure to do business with you.
Thank you so much for the great communication. April 2, 2006 is fine for shipment. Please keep us posted if it will be past that date.
Have a great Friday!
Just wanted to let you know that I received my Jardin futon cover today and I just love it. Also received the mat to hold it in place in the beginning of the week. The cover was exactly how it looked online. I will definitely tell others about your company.
Thank you,
Holbrook, Long Island NY
Thank you for the courtesy. We really like the furniture because it fits our house and lifestyle pretty well (also good when you have kids who tend to spill things like grape juice). I will most certainly pass on your store web site to anyone I know who might be considering new furniture.
Brian Fredrickson
Hi there,
We just wanted to send you a "e;Thank-You"e;. We received the Futon Cover we ordered, and love it. The workmanship is great, great customer service, and fast shipping. We?ll recommend you to anyone looking for a Futon or accessories.
Thanks again.
Billie & John
It is rare to receive such excellent customer service. I really appreciate it.
Many thanks,
Your Order Number Is: 30436
This is my order number and I just wanted to compliment your company on the ease of ordering and the manner in which everything was shipped.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Thanks for your help in answering my questions, as well as providing the clearest, most informative futon web site out there. I manage the graphics technology nationally for one of the largest Financial Services organizations in the world, and know a good web site when I see one.
Again, thanks!
Just wanted to let you know that I received my futon covers and they are awesome! Thanks for your help in my decision making, I really feel like I got the best deal!
Thanks again, Jane
My order arrived on Friday, September 23. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the product. The color was very well represented on the internet. The price was wonderful and I appreciate the quick service.
After owning a small business for years I know how often customers complain and how seldom compliments are given. SO please accept this compliment and give yourselves a pat on the back!
Thank you,
Dalton Georgia
Well, Friday night was my first night on my new mattress and it was SO NICE!! Thanks again for all your help and recommendations as well as superior customer service.
Hi Allen,
I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to you and your organization for an easy, friendly, stress-free transaction. The futon is beautiful, and my son is thrilled with it. The shipping was great, it came in less time than I expected. Thanks again for doing your best to insure a happy customer!
The Buchanan-Ruddy Family
I just wanted to let you know that the bed is absolutely beautiful, very comfortable, and folds like a dream. We have already used it as a bed and a couch, and are extremely satisfied with it. We are looking forward to having the cover this week, thanks for everything!
-Ben and Cyndi
I recently bought an awesome futon from your store and I had to rave about it and the awesome assistance that I received from Tanna. She is fantastic and very informed about the products. She is definitely an asset to your establishment! You ROCK GIRL!!!!!!!! Keep up the great job!!!!!
I just wanted to thank you for the prompt arrival of my futon. It arrived in good condition, and sooner than I had expected. Your excellent customer service is appreciated, and I will recommend your products to anyone needing a futon.
If there is only one thing I have learned in my so far short life, it is that getting upset about something you have no control over only makes your life uncomfortable, and takes away precious time enjoying more important things you can control. I try to realize it, and get over it quickly so I can move on to those things. Although it doesn?t always (or easily) work out where I can ?put it behind me?, I do my best to deal with these kinds of things… In any case, it helps that you worked with me get us get what we needed through very annoying circumstances.
Thank you so much for your prompt response. We did receive it yesterday afternoon! It was absolutely beautiful and better than we could have imagined. We were going to make due with our other cover, but this was one was too perfect to return! Thanks for your kind assistance.
Take care!
Thanks for your fabric arrived on guys have wonderful customer service!!
Thanks again, Sandie
Thank you for the prompt response! By the way, great customer service you guys have over there- even when I called you guys answered the phone right away- I didn't expect such personal attention- it was nice.
I will keep a lookout for it.
Thanks again,
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