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As long as the support surface under your mattress is solid, or has slats that are no more than 2" or 3" apart, you can use any Futon Mattress for a Sleeping Mattress. If the futon is thinner, you may feel the gaps between the slats. Either put some plywood over the slats, or buy some extra slats and put them in between the other slats. In this section you'll find some incredible mattresses for use as Conventional Beds, Boats, Motor Homes, Semi Trucks, Campers, Waterbed Replacements, and Daybeds.  We also have 100% Organic Beds made with no chemicals, and the new Supple Pedic Mattress which rivals, or is superior to the Tempurpedic Mattress, at about half the price.  Don't forget to read our Customer Feedback to see what most of our customers have to say about us.

Subject: RE: Fantasy Futons/ R. V. mattress measurements
allen; we would like you to know that we have received the mattress about three weeks ago. we have installed, and the fit is perfect. we wish to tell you that the quality and fit of this mattress is superior than what we expected. we have since had our motor home out for a short trip, and slept on it for three nights. the mattress is as advertised, firm and supportive. we are glad we didn't order the super firm one. the Otis 110 is a great mattress. thank you for all of your help, we will be recommending your company to our friends. you have our permission to use this message to help others in making their minds up about any purchase from your company.  You did everything we expected and more.   respectfully; bill, Vero Beach, FL.
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