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Futon Frames Made in USA

American Made Futon Frames

When we started in the Futon Business in 1982 almost all of the frames were made in USA.  Now only the following frames are actually made in America.  These Futon Frames are excellent quality and workmanship Futon Frames, and the manufacturers stand behind their products so that we can take care of any issues should they arise.  Now most everything comes from China.  They don't have to worry about pollution, environmental issues, insurance and safety issues, or even human rights issues, like American Companies have to, so that's why if it's made in USA, it has to cost more.  And that's why there are so few companies left that can make it with such an uneven playing ground.  It's almost like our own country is against them.  Please support these companies and buy your futon frame from them and help keep America and Americans working.  We can make a lot of changes by where we spend out money.  We are sick and tired of profiting by selling out America, and Americans, so we're making some tough decisions on what we do and don't carry. 
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Rustic Log Futon
Rustic Log Futon
Rustic Log Futon
Price: $999.00