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Indoor / Outdoor Covers

Indoor Outdoor Fabrics
by Sunbrella & Sun & Shade

We carry the entire line of Sunbrella Fabrics for use on Futon Covers, Bedding, Window Treatments, Pillows, Seating Arrangements, or almost any custom project you can imagine.  We are in the process of adding them all to our site.  Until we get them all added you may Click Here to see them all.  Sunbrella Covers are unlike all other fabrics and have the following benefits.
  • They have a Five Year Warranty against Fading
  • They are Washable and Bleach Cleanable
  • They are Water and Soil Resistant
  • All Sunbrella Fabrics are Made in America
Sunbrella Fabrics also have the Greenguard Children and School Certification, which is the highest certificate awarded to low-emitting products protecting indoor air quality.

Sun & Shade Fabrics are a generic type of Sun & Water resistant fabric.  They are very good quality, but are not as good as the Sunbrella.  They are guaranteed for 1,000 hours against sun fading, washable, and water and soil resistant.  The most popular Sunbrella Fabrics are shown below.  To see the full Sunbrella Fabric Line, Click Here to go to the At Home Section of their site, then click on either the Indoor, or Outdoor section.  Jot down the part numbers and E-Mail them to us with the sizes and items that you need and we will quickly get a price quote.  Please note that Sunbrella manufacturers many Marine, and Awning Fabrics and although you can purchase them from us, they are not suitable for use as a futon cover.

These indoor/outdoor futon covers resist water and resist fading because of their fiber, water or liquid will first pool on the fabric's surface. If enough water accumulates and stands, it eventually may drain through the fabric.

We do not recommend futons to be used in the unsheltered outdoors but on a covered porch or near a pool, these covers offer a great way to protect your futon from the elements.

These cover also work great for pet owners, with the ability to be wiped off, spot cleaned or machine washed. (See cover's tag)

These indoor/outdoor futon covers are NOT waterproof, but water resistant


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Twin Canvas Aruba Futon Cover
Dupione Laurel Cover
Dupione Laurel Futon Cover
Dolce Oasis Cover
Dolce Oasis
Dolce Oasis
Price: $0.00
Mainstreet Latte Futon Cover
Mainstreet-Latte (Sunbrella)
Canvas Teal Futon Cover
Canvas Teal Futon Cover
Price: $169 to $344
Harwood Crimson Futon Cover
Harwood Crimson
Harwood Crimson
Price: $0.00
Dimone Sequoia Cover
Dimone Sequoia
Dimone Sequoia
Price: $0.00
Legacy Cover
Legacy Futon Cover
Legacy Futon Cover
Price: $0.00
Legacy Reverse Cover
Legacy Reverse
Legacy Reverse
Price: $0.00
Marcello Seaglass Cover
Marcello Seaglass
Marcello Seaglass
Price: $0.00
Marcello Sunset Cover
Marcello Sunset
Marcello Sunset
Price: $0.00
Echo Midnight
Echo Midnight
Echo Midnight
Price: $0.00
Dupione Aloe
Dupione Aloe Futon Cover
Dupione Bamboo
Dupione Bamboo Futon Cover
Dupione Carmel
Dupione Carmel Futon Cover
Dupione Celeste Cover
Dupione Celeste Futon Cover
Dupione Cornsilk Cover
Dupione Cornsilk Futon Cover
Dupione Crimson Cover
Dupione Crimson Futon Cover
Dupione Deep Sea Cover
Dupione Deep Sea Futon Cover
Dupione Dove Cover
Dupione Dove Futon Cover
Dupione Henna Cover
Dupione Henna Futon Cover
Dupione Latte Cover
Dupione Latte Futon Cover
Dupione Nectarine Cover
Dupione Nectarine Futon Cover
Dupione Oak Cover
Dupione Oak Futon Cover
Dupione Palm Cover
Dupione Palm Futon Cover
Dupione Papaya Cover
Dupione Papaya Futon Cover
Dupione Paradise Cover
Dupione Paradise Futon Cover
Dupione Pearl Cover
Dupione Pearl Futon Cover
Dupione Peridot Cover
Dupione Peridot Futon Cover
Dupione Sand Cover
Dupione Sand Futon Cover
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